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Here is your response! 11/27/2007

Ok, regarding the Certificate Debate, Mr, Nottingham, if the ITMA is such a prestigious certificate that is highly respected, why doesn't anyone else recognize it? It doesn't make any sense to me. WTF is a prestigious certificate and schools around the globe accept it, and if the ITMA is just as great, why wont they recognize it? But other than this certificate debate, MASTER NA, you say that i learned nothing from my training? Well let me reassure you, I learned ALOT. All those talks about being respectful, hard working, honesty, having integrity and to persevere when things get tough, I believe in it all. And when you weren't any of these things, I saw it all. Let me give you some examples. 1. You make promises you can never keep. How is that in any way professional as a business owner? You know what we students talk about when it comes to you? When you say your going to be in to teach us on Tuesdays or Wednesdays or whatever days, and you don't show up, your pathetic instructor comes up with lame excuses of why your presence is at absence. And the sad part is, all the students are lose respect for you every time you do this. And since you know better than anyone else how many times you've pulled this stupid stunt, you can take a guess at where our level of respect for you now lies. 2. You say that the whole point of training is not the achievement of rank, but how I mature and grow as a person through martial arts. Let me start by saying, you went to college and you have achieved your Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology. Now, if all the tuition, the cost of books, and many sleep-deprived weeks from finals and midterms and the hardships you endeavored through, just to discover that your degree was worthless, and no one would accepted it, and basically said to your face, "this peice of paper is crap and I cannot accept you and your profession." If you went back to the university to complain, and they blow you off and tells you that its the knowledge and experience you gain and the growth of character through your college experience, is more important than a stupid peice of paper like a Masters degree, would you HONESTLY say that you would be ok with that? OF COURSE NOT! YOU WOULD BE A DAMN FOOL IF YOU DID! When we signed up for your program, you told us that your certificates are recognized nationwide, but that was a lie. Because no one will recognize it. A certificate is a symbol of hard work and achievement. Your certificate doesn't mean any of that. They LAUGH at it MASTER NA. They laugh at you, your organization, and they feel sorry for me because I was such a fool to believe you. You say I don't deserve to be a Black belt. Your probably right, because with the say you run your schools and classes, I probably don't deserve to be a yellow belt. And let me be the first to say to YOU, master na, YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE A MASTER. TO STEVE B. AND MR NOTTINGHAM I understand your need to step up and defend master na. But with all due respect, my (and many others) issue with him has absolutely nothing to do with you. Unless you were a former student of his and went into a (illegal) 3 year contract, BUTT OUT. A relationship between Master-to-Master is phenomenally different from Master-to-Student. Mr. Nottingham, I cant say anything about your schools or your instructor or even you as a master because i don't know you or have ever been to your classes. In fact, you may be a GREAT master who doesn't lie to or mislead his own students. But you do not understand or even begin to comprehend the experience Master Na has given us. Being lied to over and over again about many things really hurts, especially when its from someone you used to respect at such a high level. When he walks in through the doors, al the students go, "OH MY GOD! ITS MASTER NA! MASTER NA'S HERE! MASTER NA'S HERE!" It was like as if santa showed up on christmas morning to deliver his presents personally. Yes, master na has such an amazing character. He's charismatic, charming, has a way with students and children, and can give great advise, and when he teaches class, everyones happy because he has GREAT classes. BUT, instead of being a great master that he is, he chooses to use his title as "Master" try to empty out our wallets with scams. and THATS the biggest problem i have with the man. Master Na, i remember one thing you told me. that a relationship between a master and student is sacred and deep. well, that relationship i had with you has been destroyed by your own doings. The intensity of raw human emotion is absoutly phenomenal when you discover that your role model has been scamming you for 4 year. more
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