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The real true story about Sharon t.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Review by Jennifer G | Daycare Grooming

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The real true story about Sharon t.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/26/2007

Well she loved the grooming what she was complaining about was that she called and asked one of the employees that work there if they take credit cards and he said yes when she came to pick up her dogs she cave him the credit card and he swiped the card the machine did not take the card so he asked the owner why is it not taking the card it was a discovery card they told her that they did not take discovery cards so she gave him another card that was a visa they swiped it it was expired and she was freaked out that it was expired.So she gave them a 3rd credit card as in another visa and it was declined,so she had no money and her check book was in her car but she was driving a rental car,and she was upset cause she had no money!She asked the owner what does she do in this situation he said that they will keep the dogs over night but she didn't want the dogs to stay over night so she said that she was not going to leave the shop and for him to call the cops.Also she cussed out one of the employees so he told the owner and the owner told the employee to go out side and he will handle it.Well anyways she said that she was going to stay over night well he said he was to but he needed his $60.00.She wanted her dogs for free and he told her that nothing in this is free and were are they giving stuff out for free so he can stand in line.She cussed out hte owner and he almost called the cops on her.She told him that she was never going there again and he told her thats fine cause he needed people with money.She said she had a lot of money and he said that if she had a lot of money she would not be in this situation.(she had 3 credit card no money no cash no checks and if she wrought a check it would have bounced.also she had no wedding ring she he knew she was not married!!!)So she called her husband 10-15 times and not once did she here her asked him for money but the reason that she was calling her husband was to tell him that they were being mean and rude to her when she was being rude to them.She asked what can she do to take her dogs he said give me your cell phone she said O NO that her cell phone was MORE IMPORTANT THEN HER DOGS!!!! that she can come and get her dogs the next morning and that the open at 8:00AM. she showed up a 1:30 with another credit card that went threw and she got her dogs remember she said that she was never going to take her dogs there ever again.Also she was wearing the same clothes for two days in a row.He knew that a lady of her age would not lie because lying is for kids not for adults.He will be letting other groomers deal with her.On Sunday they do go to church that is why they are closed because they do not work on the LORD'S DAY!!!!The owner does not discriminate like she does..And we will all pray for her!! get the demon out of her......................GOD BLESS U more
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