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I am the manager of Furry Friends Inn - Review by Billy B | Furry Friends Inn

Furry Friends Inn


I am the manager of Furry Friends Inn 7/1/2007

My name is Billy Baker and I was here the day this place opened as manager in March of 2004. I can think of only three customers who left unhappy and all three had dogs I banned from ever returning. I left in June of 2005 because ownership thought the place could be run cheaper without me. Obviously ownership has since reconsidered her initial opinion. I have carefully reviewed the records and have no idea who "Jay Q." is. Records are kept of every customer and "Jay Q." simply does not exist and if he does, he came under someone else's watch and used an alias for his review. Did my competition or one of their friends write the review? I have no idea, but Furry Friends Inn is the best pet boarding facility in not only Kissimmee, but all of Osceola County. I make sure of it seven days a week and if anyone thinks otherwise, they are more than welcome to tour the facility, meet with me, ask for customer references, whatever they wish. I do not "lose" customers. I can list 100 customers who came from other boarding facilities because I have better hours, take better care of the pets, have more people who like me, etc etc...... I keep this place tidy, quiet, and the pets happy. I do not take repeat guests who will not stop barking, are destructive, or have bathroom issues beyond my cleaning capabilities. I do not take animals who are aggressive towards me or the other pets. As for this place being poorly constructed, that's such an untrue statement. Our PVC fencing plays a huge role in making the dogs happy because they have privacy, yet can tell their neighbors are there. Say goodbye to separation anxiety issues in 99% of the dogs. As for the cat boarding situation......Well, my own cats live up here and are as important to me as anyone else considers their own children or pets. This is just a fact. Call the local veterinarians and ask them who they recommend for boarding. I know for a fact that the biggest veterinarian office in Kissimmee will never recommend the "other" full service pet boarding facility in town. Who do they recommend? I'm like a lawyer. I never ask a question I do not already know the answer to. You bring your pets to me and you can be assured of their safety, happiness, and health. I do not have "kennel cough" issues here. My competition even has a disclaimer and excuse for that on their website! Based upon what I know, they need it. Once again, call the veterinarians about that issue as well. Each pet that comes through my door is given an exam where I am looking for injuries, infections, and of course fleas and ticks. I'm not risking everyone else just to take one in who has a problem. You have my promise on that. I treat this place as if I own it.....Why? Because I will one day own it. My customers come back over and over again. I bend over backwards to meet their needs and wants and their pets love me. Ownership lost many clients during my time away....Not because Furry Friends Inn suddenly became a horrible place, but because this is a trust business. Whoever she had running the place was just not as good as me at making customers happy or easing their concerns about leaving their beloved four-legged kids with strangers. Do I sound arrogant? I might, but folks, I have a college degree in something meaningful, yet I CHOOSE to do this job. I walk and feed dogs, feed cats and clean litter boxes, give baths, I clean the place, and I answer the phone......Basically I am Furry Friends Inn once again. And if you want your pet well taken care of during your time away, you really need to consider calling me so I can meet your needs. I'm the real deal and if you ever have a complaint, the complaint department starts and stops with me. more
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