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Briones Kajukenbo Karate - Review by anonymous q | Briones Kajukenbo Karate

Briones Kajukenbo Karate


Briones Kajukenbo Karate 6/27/2007

I am sorry to say this is a McDojo. *They require contracts (6 months-1 year) at $100+ a month. *Requires to buy sparring gear that can only be bought from the dojo at $130 (you can buy the exact same brand and equipment at $80 or less) *testing fees are $40 (belts only cost $5) there are no certificates either, so no need for printing costs. *Instructor raves of how this art is the best and talks about candy karate at other schools. (when you barely get hit at this school.) *There is no real groundwork. (They think groundwork is jumping into a horse stance and air punching at the ground.) *Uniforms costs $40 and patches are $40. (which adds up to $80 just for a uniform). Uniforms are also required. *Despite what is said on their website, there is no real fighting going on. They do a technique and barely tap the other person. Then they go into a horse stance and air punch, while the other person is just laying there. *Teacher exaggerates a lot of stuff, saying there are rib fractures and broken bones at testing to convince what he is teaching is real kajukenbo. (There has never been one and you could see if you went to one of the testing, that it would be impossible.) *Kajukenbo emphasizes more contact sparring than pinans/katas. That pinans/katas are only used to help fine tune contact sparring. Here, it is totally different. Everybody emphasizes memorizing pinans/katas and other series of moves instead of applying them. *This should not even be called kajukenbo because it is water down so much. If you compare the pinans/katas they are much much simpler than the original versions. *The instructor is not even a certified sifu of kajukenbo. *there is no sparring at testing, whereas, kajukenbo is primarily a contact art. It is not a pinan memorizing art like some others cont. Yes I am the same person that wrote the google review one, if you want to read the rest then see briones kajukenbo on google maps. Then press reviews. more
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