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Danger, this hospital may be hazardous to your health. - Review by Gary R | Gatz, Alan C, MD St Joseph's Hospital

Gatz, Alan C, MD St Joseph's Hospital


Danger, this hospital may be hazardous to your health. 6/18/2007

This particular hospital, called St. Joseph Hospital, needs the sisters to come back and run the place. The contracted physicians that work in the ER there are mean. In each room they have posted signs that discourage patients for asking for their pain to be managed. Pain is supposed to be treated, and it is as important as any other part in managing a patient's care in the ER. It is the law, and it was passed in 2005. These drs. are living in the past, and they think that all good catholics should bear their pain, especially any kind of pain. It doesn't matter if you have acute or chronic, in this ER, you need a priest to come and rescue you from their clutches. The sisters as I have said long ago deserted this hospital, and the name should be changed because of these ungodly and nasty group of medical drs. and nurses. They have an Express Lane, that really is just another way to push the poor Medicaid and Medicare patients through the other part of the ER, as I call it. It is here that they really deny people in pain decent care. They scam the system, and bill the poor giving them substandard care. They do discriminate, but they want the Medicare bucks to keep this private hospital going. As far as a patient's bill of rights, the patient has none. He is purely at the mercy of these" professionals," and the patient is the lowly one they look down upon from their pedestals of authority. Caring, dignity, humanity, these are just words that they have long forgotten in this rotten ER. It needs cleansed with holy water. It is really scary, because as a resident in this burg, I cannot wait until my wife retires, so I fly away with the snowbirds. I will need good medical care in my final years, and I do not plan on dying in Parkersburg unnecessarily due to their malpractice. The other ER called Camden Clark Memorial Hospital, was just fined one and a half million for shredding up the medical records in a malpractice suit. The victim died on the operating table, and all she was having done was surgery on her foot. They killed her with an overdose, and then tried to destroy the medical records like I just told you. So if you are a tourist passing through Parkersburg, keep going until you hit Charleston, W. V., that is where all of our good physicians left this burg fifteen years ago with the demise of the plants and manufacturing companies. This is just my opinion, but ask around, and others will tell you the same story. This is fright night in both ERS in Parkersburg, W. V. St. Joe and Camden Clark are both hospitals to stay out of, and just keep on driving onto hit Charleston, W. V. more
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