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You wanna talk about biggoted - Review by Troy P | Faith Baptist Church & Schools

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You wanna talk about biggoted 6/8/2007

Ok, Mr. Self Important Yale Boy... you think you can step down off of your pedestal now? As someone who endured that school for 10 years, I think I can speak with authority when I say that the place is, in fact, a "cult". Yes, I received my Christian foundation from there, but it wasn't until I graduated and began attending a different church, did I begin to "de-program". The church teaches intolerance for any other "religion" other than Southern Baptist. They push hard core, ultra conservative, right wing, fundamentalism. They actually preach AGAINST other churches... churches with a sound Christian message! They make up rules and guidelines and say that they are backed up biblically, when in reality, they take verses out of context and skew them to mean whatever helps their agenda. I would not subject my children to their confusing teachings... especially when there are other good Christian schools around. As far as their curriculum goes... the elementary school is good. It's not great, but better than public school. Junior high and high school, however, leaves MUCH to be desired. They do not prepare you for the rigors of college very well at all. They offer a bleak selection of "elective" classes. AND, I do know for a fact that they use non-accredited teachers... some of which taught me, and I was dumber for it once I moved on to the next level in my education. Bottom line - the school isn't as good as they, or you, think it is. Troy Prehmus, class of '88 more
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