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Not quite accurate. - Review by Vivian S | St. Anthony School

St. Anthony School


Not quite accurate. 5/30/2007

I find it very interesting how the first part of your review states how you "loved" Mrs. McLaughlin and how you had some good times at the school. You end up sounding angry and bitter towards the end. I do feel the need to rebut a few things that you write. 1) Mr. Teale (the former principal) did not leave because of the "entitled" parents making him feel bad. He and his wife sold all of their belongings and moved to Guatamala. Here is what they have to say......Our reasons for taking up the challenge of moving to Guatemala and working for Camino Seguro were so that they could live and work in a third world culture, live a more simple life-style, and be of service to the poor. 2) I have been a parent at the school for a few years now and have never experienced the "begging for dollars" . St. Anthony is a private school and does not have TAX DOLLARS to make improvements, they depend on volunteers and fundraisers to help make necessary improvements and upgrades. I attend the auction every year and have a fantastic time and never feel pressured to donate. I don't have a lot of money but I can help by donating my time. 3. Your comment about St. Anthony is the perfect school for the "perfect" Catholic Family who wants to social climb is not not only absurd but also offensive to the MANY (including me) families that swallow hard every month when it's time to pay tuition. Sure I could use that mony every month to drive a new car and so forth. But I am happy knowing that my kids are surrounded by other Christian students. We can say GOD in our Pledge of Allegiance. I like that they wear uniforms, it levels the playing field. No one has to worry about other kids are wearing. Here is the schools mission statement....To educate children to be joyous, loving and Christ-Centered people capable of serving others and bettering the world. Doesn't sound too bad to me. I will agree though about Mrs. Racey. My child has experienced first hand what you experienced. And it was a VERY long year for us. Our child was also lableled a slow reader and slow learner and went as far to have our child tested at Mrs. Racey's request because she thought she had a learning dissability. The whole time we knew in our hearts it was the teacher and the anxiety she was causing our child. Sure enough the tests came back better than we expected, finding out our childs IQ is actally quite high. My child has had an awful year, paper after paper with red marks scribbled all over them. A child picks up on those things. Phone calls at home telling us that our child couldn't focus in class??? I think if you are going to call me at home about school they better have written on a wall or something! I say first grade is not her forte. And some kids need more nurturing than others. They are 6 for crying out loud. And yes, the homework in her class has been a bit daunting. We can never make plans Mondays and Tuesdays because there is always a big paper due Wednesday. And at the end of the month a spelling test with 40+ words, did i mention they're 6!! I would love to see the letter she wrote you. I would make sure Sr. Linda had a copy for her file. Anyway, I agree about the teacher. The rest though sounds a little bitter. I think if you had a few more years of great teachers your experience and outlook may not be as negative. It's a great school in my opinion. And probably in many others, or it wouldn't have a waiting list to get in. more
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