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VERY Disappointed -- misdiagnosed me with an STD - Review by Kathryn W | The Polyclinic Broadway

The Polyclinic Broadway


VERY Disappointed -- misdiagnosed me with an STD 6/22/2007

I went to the Polyclinic based on the reviews on this website. Unfortunately I did not have the same experience as the other patients. When I first called, I was given an appointment with a nurse practioner, Jenny Howarth, which was fine with me as most practioners I have seen before were great. I went in because of severe pain during intercourse. Jenny diagnosed a bacterial infection and gave me an antibiotic. 3 weeks later I was still having symptoms so I went back. This time she took one look at my vagina and said she had never seen anything like this before, I would probably need surgery because I had genital warts growing all over the opening to my vagina. She brought Dr. McDermott in and she agreed but said I had too many genital warts to operate on, so they prescribed a cream to use at home. After I filled the prescription and read the instructions, I was confused about how to use the medicine and I had some other questions too, about possible drug interactions, and whether this was the right treatment--a little google research had taught me that there are several different ways to treat warts. So I called the office back the next day; but you can't talk to the nurse or doctor over the phone, so I made another appointment and went in that afternoon and saw Jenny again. She explained how to apply the medicine but got very defensive when I started asking my other questions. It seemed like she did not really know the answers. For example I wanted to have an antibody test to find out what type of hpv I have. Jenny insisted that there was no such test, which I know is false because a friend of mine has had one, and I read an article about it online. Mostly she just repeated things the doctor had said yesterday, and finally told me that they had done the best they could, that nobody is perfect and I was welcome to go find another doctor. I felt that was a very unprofessional response and I tried to explain that I was coming to her as a medical professional and I was relying on her for help and she just repeated that they had already done their best and I could go to the Harborview STD clinic if I wanted a different type of care. Frankly I am shocked that she would be so unsympathetic to a patient asking for help. Dr. McDermott seemed very nice, for the five minutes that I saw her. Jenny pointed out that Dr. McDermott hadn't even billed me for her time. I don't mind paying for a professional and I would much rather be charged for someone's time and have them actually do a consultation and give me advice rather than just a prescription and shoo me out the door. Turns out, I didn't even have genital warts at all. My skin had turned white due to the bacterial infection, and after using an antibiotic for 5 days my color went back to normal. I saw a different doctor who confirmed that I have no warts and no signs of viral infection. I'm just glad they didn't actually try to operate on me. I can't even imagine how horrible it would have been to have completely unnecessary, very painful surgery. more
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