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THE BEST VETS!!!!! - Review by Kathy E | Huffard Animal Hospital

Huffard Animal Hospital


THE BEST VETS!!!!! 4/3/2007

In Aug. 06 my beloved cocker spaniel (Miss Mollie) got sick. She stopped eating and started bleeding from her mouth. I immediately took her to Huffard Animal Hospital, where I have been taking her for 10 yrs. After looking at her, the Vet. was not optimistic and ran a series of blood tests. He (Dr. Spock) stated that she had tumors all over her underbelly and she was also bleeding internally. Her white blood cells were off the chart and her hematocrit was so low she was actually bleeding to death. A diagnosis of terminal cancer was decided and all we could do was make her as comfortable as possible. For 3 days I was in and out of the hospital spending as much time as possible with her. I cried every day, all day. The first 2 days when I cried, she would lick my face as if to say it will be ok. On day 4, the Vet. called me and told me that if I wanted to be there when she passed away I needed to come immediately. I was there w/in 15 mins. She perked up when she saw me. As a last resort we decided to try a blood transfusion which probably wouldn't change much, but we had to try. As the blood was given, her abdomen was swelling. This is a sign of internal bleeding. I was then told that I needed to think about putting her to sleep. Her pain continued to intensify and as I talked to her my inner pain intensified too. At one point she turned to me w/sad eyes as if to say it was time to let her go. I then made the decision I hoped I would never have to make. Holding her in my arms, the doctor proceeded w/the injections. Within 15 seconds her heart and lungs stopped. It was over for her but it was just the beginning of heart ache and loss for me. I sat holding her and crying for a long time and then handed her to the tech so her body could be cremated and returned to us. Dr. Spock was warm and sincere. I could see him feeling my pain. Four days later I received her remains in a sealed wooden coffin about 5" x 8", along w/a cremation certificate. A week later I received a sympathy card signed by everyone who works at Huffard. I still miss Mollie and cry at least once a day or when I talk about her. She was a beautiful purebred black cocker spaniel and was small in stature compared to other cockers. She would twirl for a treat and loved the kids in the neighborhood. When she rolled over to have her belly rubbed she look like a baby bear. During the last 7 hrs. of Mollie's life I spent sitting by her cage and watching everything that was going on in the back office. The staff were professional and kind to each pet. They treated them the way they would want their own pet treated. They were patient and compassionate. After watching this for 7 hours I knew I wouldn't want to take my pets anywhere else. I give this Vet. practice the highest rating possible. By Kathy Englert more
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