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Excited - Review by Jeynie J | Capri Nail Spa

Capri Nail Spa


Excited 3/17/2007

I just happened upon Capri Nail Spa by accident, but I am beyond excited that I did. I'm a picky, high-maintenance freak about my nails and since I moved from San Jose to the Peninsula I have spent the last 6 months nomadically wandering from nail salon to nail salon looking for just the right place. Eureka! First, some background: This is a family owned business with three sisters at the helm, one of whom, it seems, mans the phones and the front desk. The real benefit here (besides her supremely professional manner and wonderful personality) is that these gals speak English fluently -- I'm sure that they were born here. That's common at spas, but not at a place that charges what Capri does. Capri's prices are in line with those hellish little dumps where you can't communicate with anyone and are sure that along with your mani-pedi you've picked up a complimentary fungus. Regular mani's are 15, while my "spa" mani was 22! Crazy, right? Pedi's are 25 with "spa" pedi's at 35. They offer discounted combo packages. A few important details: -- Solid selection of O.P.I colors with a smattering of other high-end brands. -- They use all disposable files, buffers and callous sponges. Metal instruments are first soaked in Barbacide, then nuked in the UV oven and then sealed for the next customer (I both saw them do this and then asked about it -- I watch for these practices like a hawk on my first visit to any nail place). -- Gigantic, clean, professional message chairs that you sit in while they do their thing. Not just for pedicures, mind you, but even for my manicure. The woman across from me was getting a fill and she sat in the happy chairs, too. -- You don't dry under fans, they have a UV bar (that's right, bar. You just have to see it) that you place your hands under. It dried them super fast and made for a comfortable wait. Also, no bubbles!! -- The owner showed me their recent report from the state board where they got a "no violations". She tells me that the state board said that was rare. I believe her! When was the last time you looked around a nail salon and couldn't find anything that needed improvement. I've never been able to say that. This place is O/C (obsessive/compusive) clean! -- Atmosphere: This isn't a cozy, intimate little space; it looks like a labratory with its large, open geometry and high ceilings. This makes for nice ventilation -- it smells nothing like a nail salon, for you sensitive types. Also, the chairs and stations are situated so that you have a comfortable cusion between you and your neighbor. -- After having just come back from my second visit I noticed that the employees don't chat loudly to each other across the room (or really at all), they chat with you. Or not. Depending on your personal style. Soft, classical elevator-ish music plays in the background. Both of those facts along with the nice personal space make for a peaceful, relaxing visit. On to the service: My tech was the newest hire (Lisa) and I was worried because my number one pet peeve is my mangy cuticles (I am almost never satisfied on this account). They are plentiful and hard (and hard to push back) and I like them GONE. I loathe when they don't cut enough off and then the paint is all over them. Worse, when they try to hook me up and hack away, I usually get cut. When she started it looked like the same 'ole, same 'ole, but after having been asked if they were o.k. and seeing me shrug politely, she disappeared to the back and returned with a Super Cuticle Pusher (I need one). She used her own nail, the SCP and buckets of cuticle-be-gone and sho'nuff, she rendered my nail beds flawless! I was thrilled because for me, everything else is icing on the cake. Kudos to this lovely gal for noticing that I wasn't happy and bending over backward for me. After that, she exfoliated my hands and arms with an aromatherapy scrub, then brought out two bags of parafin (great way to do that!), then massaged and painted me. All excellent. Her painting and shaping skills are tops as well -- far, far better than most. In fact, I can't remember having had a better job done. Gals, you must try this place! I actually signed up for Yelp for the sole purpose of pimping these sisters and their kick-ass salon! They've only been open since December and if they go under from lack of business, I'm going to cry. [They say that they've got tons of returning customers, but not a lot of new ones] Incidentally, there's plenty of parking and Chipotle, the tastiest organic mexican food EVER! is right next door. Plus, Starbucks. P.S. As to what Jovi C said, yeah, my gal didn't speak much English either, but she cared enough to wave over the owner who translated my request. Problem solved. Also, it seems that besides the owners, most of the other employees speak English very well. Communication is not an issue at Capri. more
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