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Horrible - Review by Great R | Lieb, Nancy S, Md - Tyler Obstetrics & Gynecology

Lieb, Nancy S, Md - Tyler Obstetrics & Gynecology


Horrible 2/8/2007

I saw Dr. Harris 7-8 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I don't know if she has changed, but I hope she has at least learned how to identify genital warts from hemmorhoids. That's right. I was 17 when I went to Dr. Harris after my then boyfriend and I got pregnant. Maybe she thought I was trash because I was young, I don't really know, but she was NOT very nice or sympathetic. I was going through a lot, obviously, and my mom went with me to nearly every appointment. Dr. Harris told me and my mother upon my first examination that I had genital warts. (and I had just had a pap with my family physician jut prior to pregnancy) I thought this sounded funny, since she was saying they were located on my butthole! When I asked her about the location of them, she looked at me, like I was stupid, and said "You don't think anything hits down there when you have sex?". Well, I was devastated. I was only 17 and I had a life long virus. My mom got scared and made me use only white towels and washcloths, so she could bleach them. Dr. Harris told me that since I was pregnant, I couldn't take pills for it; they had to be burned off with this cream and this funky tool she had, I thought it felt like a torch, but I couldn't see to be sure. Well, my mom wasn't present for the burning sessions that had me screaming, but I swear I think that Dr. got a kick out of torturing me. Well, after a few sessions, I was informed that they didn't take my insurance anymore. So, I went to a different obstetrician after that, who said nothing of my so-called genital warts. I had my baby healthily, and have had many papsmears since then. Every doctor I have seen, I have told about the warts, the burning sessions, and asked them to test me. ALL of the doctors I have seen have told me I DO NOT HAVE GENITAL WARTS! They all agreed that it was pregnancy-induced HEMMORHOIDS! As you can imagine, I don't care for that the woman now. I told my husband when we got together I had warts, just to find out that I didn't really. The shame I had to bear in my family and with my husband, and the doctors was irrepairable. I will never forget the pain I had to go through when she removed my hemmorhoids either, it hurt. All I really needed was Preparation H. Another funny thing, apparently my insurance didn't completely pay her off, so I just received a bill (7 years later) that I still owe her $65. Gee, let me continue to pay her for the torture I received due to a misdiagnosis. Well, I'll have to, or she'll ruin my credit. My husband and I have been trying to have another baby for a while now, and I just found I am pregnant, I'm 25 now, with more experience, and I can tell you one thing, Dr. Amanda Harris is NOT going to be my OBGYN this time. more
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