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Bowler City

Claim duh 1/20/2007

Okay...first of all, i'd like to say that there were many changes with this particular bowling place. Not all of them were bad, but not necessarily good, either. Since I'm currently in a ranting mode, i'm just going to state the bad points to the changes. I...REALLY HATE WAITING FOR AN OPEN LANE!!!!! And you know what? The schedules are really horrible! I mean, c'mon! Who'd want to wait there for an hour, but still end up leaving cuz they were still like 40 customers behind. Seriously, I actually timed it because I had absolutely nothing else to do except sit there and wait my f*cking @$$ off! I was so incredibly PISSED OFF! Jeeze, can't a normal person want to bowl without being boreded out of their mind? UGH! Okay, and guess what else? Apparently, each interval between the customers are fairly equal. I'd have to admit, some of them took like 10 minutes...but more than 90% took at least 20 minutes each!!!!! That just SUX! Doesn't it? Why don't you answer that yourself? Aight, so basically...other than the whole "WAITING FOR THE END OF THE UNIVERSE" thing, it's a pretty decent bowling place. It's not TOO bad...the french fries were much better like 5 years ago, but that's ok....i guess. Oh! the prices aren't rip-offs, either. Though, I surely wouldn't want to pay a single penny for WAITING THAT LONG! *hint*hint* So anyway....if you're looking for a bowling place in New Jersey around bergen can't find a better place than here. No really. There aren't any other bowling places.... So really, you just don't have a choice. Tough luck...DEAL WITH IT, SUCK IT UP, C'EST LA VIE (That's life), GET OVER IT, etc... Don't come crying to me just because you were an idiot who waited for an hour, yet you still didn't get to bowl. Life isn't fair. Bowling isn't life....but obviously bowling isn't fair this case. Okay. So my point in this d@mn thing is that this bowling place...BOWLER CITY...should be avoided AT ALL COSTS! ^.^ Have a nice day! more
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