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What a dissapointment 1/9/2007

As much as I am not the type to write bad reviews about things, I feel this needs to be said. In April 2003 my 2 sons, Aaron & Seth began training at Asian Self Defense. They had had a desire for several years to study karate, and earn a black belt. They went through the training, went to tournaments, classes 2 sometimes 3 times a week, and did exceptionally well. They were complimented by not only Vic Truman, but also, many, many other students, instructors, and high ranking black belts. They have the talent for martial arts to go very far within the arts. At the end of their 3 years training, within 3 weeks of their black belt testing date (which was completely paid for in full) Vic Truman approached me and wanted to know when I was going to sign another contract for another year training for the boys to go on and study. I told him that we had discussed this matter and that the boys were going to go ahead and take their black belt test in 3 weeks, which they were prepared for, and then take off until September, (which was only 2 months away). Mr. Truman then proceeded to tell me that my boys were quitters, and that the black belt meant nothing. He refused to test my boys for their black belt (again which was paid for) because I would not at that moment, sign another contract, and pay for another year. The boys wanted to take 2 months off, and then we had every intention to sign another contract for at least Aaron to go on and study and get his Cho-Dan. I was in shock! I made the comment to Mr. Truman that I was not clear on what exactly he was telling me, was he saying that unless I pay for another year, he would not test my boys for the test that they had worked so hard to prepare for. He told me, yes that was the case. I said to him "Then what you are telling me here is that it's all about money" . His response...."Well I do have a business to run here". I was so very upset, my boys worked hard, for 3 years, there 2 times, a week, and in the middle of their training their father and I went through divorce, but the boys were still there at their classes faithfully. After 3 years of training, encouragement, and hard work, now because of the almighty dollar, my boys are robbed of what they worked so hard to achieve. I took my boys out of his dojang that night, and have not been back, nor will we go back to his school. Mr. Truman, called me about a week later, trying to turn around the story, to make it sound as though I had left the school "in a huff" as he said to me, (which never happened, and I have witnesses.) He tried to still get the boys back up there for yet another year, but that will not happen, not at Asian Self Defense. My boys WILL get their black belt, but not through Vic Truman. I wrote him a letter, letting him know how he let down my boys, how he hurt them. I have not heard anything from him. I have spoken to several others from the school, and that have known Mr. Truman in the past, all have said the same thing..."It's all about money." What a shame, those kids work hard, very hard to reach a goal, and then because of money, that goal is ripped right out from underneath them. I don't know how many other people have experienced anything similar to this, but I would like to know your story also. Feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Kati Pyle more
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