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Don't waste your money at Imax Tropicana - Review by Marie L | T-Mobile Atlantic City

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Don't waste your money at Imax Tropicana 1/3/2007

I do admit the movie screen is very big at the Imax theater but that is the only characteristic of this theater that I can say was impressive. The room itself isn't impressive. I thought for the money I spent that the seats would be comfortable and there would be more leg room. The seats are so close together that the foot of the man in back of me was in my face the entire show. We were both sitting on the end of our rows and we were very close that it was uncomfortable. Even before you get in there it is annoying. For starters the theater didn't allow people in till 10 minutes before the show. So the theater knowing that the shows are almost always sold out, wait until the last minute to let you in. Now you have to scramble up a extremely narrow staircase that only allows you to climb single file to find your seats without any theater employees trying to help have everyone move all the way down the row, so most families didn't get to sit together. After finding seats scattered throughout the theater, you go and get your popcorn and other snacks. Now remember, they only gave you 10 minutes to do all this. Of course there is only one employee working the concession stand for a sold out show. Needless to say a lot of people missed the beginning of the movie. Missed the beginning even with movie previews before the show. When the movie is over you do not have a choice to watch the credits, which would of been something I would of done because the movie was sort of still going on during credits because there is only one way out and the entire row was waiting for me to get up, which I did. I couldn't get out of my row because the staircase is only single file and no one can fit in the row to get out without pushing someone out of your way. Thank God there wasn't a fire because most people would of been dead. I almost lost my kids because you can't fit 2 people together on the staircase. Tickets alone for 5 people ordered on line costs $97.00. I was so unhappy. I was really excited about going because I had never been to the Imax before. My family and I go to the movies very frequently and will continue to do so at our local Regal Cinema but I will probably never do Imax again unless I want to see one of their educational films that other theaters aren't showing. I may not even bother. I will be writing the local newspaper in the opinion section warning people that this particular theater is not worth the aggravation. more
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