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Do not go to this Dentist! - Review by lil W | Smiles



Do not go to this Dentist! 12/26/2006

I developed a toothache with less than two weeks before Christmas. I thought it would pass, but after two days and the pain nearly bringing me to tears, I knew I needed to see the dentist. The company I worked for has dental insurance and Dr. Larrick was the dentist I selected for 2006. I called and was able to get in for an emergency appointment that Friday. When I got to the office I had to wait over an hour in the waiting room which I fully expected. I knew something was wrong and didn’t care how long it took to see the doctor. After I was taken back, the technician immediately gave me some topical stuff to numb the tooth because I was in so much pain. After the x-ray she took, she came back and told me there was a problem and that the dentist would be in to see me soon. After waiting another 90 minutes in the chair (also expected, it was an emergency appointment), the dentist dropped in. He told me that my wisdom teeth were killing my mouth and he would be back to talk to me soon. He then took me to another room as I waited while the exam room was cleaned. I was taken in the room, the dentist told me there was no problem and I needed to use Sensodyne toothpaste and he handed me the tube and sent me on my way. I tried to explain over and over again of the pain but he promised me if I rubbed this toothpaste on my sore tooth, the ache would go away. “Even the cavemen have tooth sensitivity, it will pass.” After sobbing in my car for 30 minutes, in complete disbelief that I was sent away with a bottle of toothpaste and a $20.00 co-pay, not to mention the pain, I left. I thought, “What the hell. He is a dentist and went to school.” So I started to rub this toothpaste on my sore molar. Living through the weekend was unbelievable and filled with pain. By Monday, I called the dentist I have had since I was a child but of course didn’t have insurance with. I explained my situation, told them about Dr. Larrick, and they asked me to come in ASAP. This review isn’t about the wonderful service I received that Monday, but of course, I was seen in minutes. An x-ray was taken at this new office and the dentist was in immediately in to see me. I had an infection in my jaw that was causing the pain and I needed an emergency root canal as soon as my antibiotics kicked in with an Endodontist. The dentist could clearly see in the x-ray that I had a problem and he understood the extreme pain I was in. I started antibiotics that day and was prescribed pretty heavy narcotics to get me through the pain until the root canal could be performed. When the root canal was performed, the infection had taken over my jaw and the smell and taste was absolutely disgusting. I had been left with painful infection that Dr. Larrick did not even take the time to address. He never even examined my mouth that Friday. I must be grateful because this poorly reviewed dentist (check out the web and read his other reviews, I challenge you to find a positive one) could have cut me open right there and left a nightmare in my mouth. I would have let him because I was in so much pain and I didn’t know better. If I could tell you, as the reader, one thing: Please don’t see this dentist. His technique and his patient care skills are awful. I have reported him to our benefits department and written letters about my experience. He does not care about patients and I had a problem that could have been worked on sooner. My pain did not matter, my opinion did not matter, nothing mattered but sending me out of that office with my tube of Sensodyne. more
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