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child molesters - Review by lola j | Dekalb County Government

Dekalb County Government


child molesters 12/16/2006

back in 1982 - my ex husband was molesting my 2 girls but he was never ACCUSED by the courts, one of my girls was took from me and put in foster care - the other was too scared to tell, the juvenile court had ME in court even though i had left my husband at that time and tried to have him arrested but for some reason he was never charged, can you tell me why this is? my daughters both have mental problems from this man and one even became a drug addict and hooker the other one is into swapping partners , i blame this on the system not to mention my youngest daughter was molested by her foster parent. the system has failed me and my daughters and the child molester goes free ,he never was even questioned by the system. this man has continued to molest other children but yet i was the one drug through the courts - is there anything that my girls can do about this even though they are grown? where does the law take charge of the child molester instead of the mother? i took action as soon as my girls told me and yet i end up on the stand in DeKalb COUNTY COURT ! this was so many years ago and now my son allows his daughter to spend the weekend with my ex husband and his wife, my son refuses to believe that his father would do such a thing, i also would like to know how to get a copy of the records from family and children services so i can prove to my son that this all did take police and will stop sending my grand daughter to the molesters house. i cannot stress how much damage this has done to our minds through out all these years.also when the Quaalude's was on the market i found out the reason i was in a deep sleep all the time was because my was dropping one in my coffee so he could RAPE my girls, i even wonder at times if he molested my son as he has some sexual problems with wanting to date YOUNGER girls.when a child is abused and molested it ruins their lives and to know that this man walks free all these years while we are punished through our minds makes me sick more
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