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Sister 12/13/2006

This is the best thing we ever did for our brother . I can only thank Narconon Florida and its staff for there excellent care. This is my brothers story SUCCESS STORY “MY WINTER VACATION” By Tate W. When I left home I was broke, I was cold I was sick and I was alone. I said that sentence to myself and thought that maybe I was ready to write the “perfect” Country & Western song. It sounds funny but it wasn’t, it was the truth and it was real. Today I may be broke in the sense of money but I feel like a million dollars. I may be a little old, a little green, a little worn out and a little spent, but I am still really valuable. I have been telling people the “Narconon Program” has worked despite me. I was very closed minded toward the program to the point of being cold. I did not want to do any of the things that the program called for and I didn’t want to listen to any of what I thought were “foolish” methods, the only thing foolish was me. I was as bad an addict as there could be. No addict has any “war Stories” more horrible than mine. I was so low I couldn’t reach up to touch bottom. How could I feel that way about a program I knew so little about – “Mankind has always been scared of things strange and new to them, “right there is it I was scared”. I was sick and I was scared and I was alone, I remember Cheryl telling me it is something you have never heard of or seen before. Lets face it folks I have done enough 12 step programs to do a waltz across the great state of Texas. I have been through so many so called treatment programs it was always the same result. I was sick when I arrived and I was sick when I was told I was better. I was pissed off when I had spent $100,000. On recovery and I never felt recovered. Once I was sent to the hospital for recovery and the doctor told me “you will be out in 4 days” and I told him I am getting out now because I don’t start to get sick before 4 days. Same doctor kept me another time for 12 days and I wasn’t any better after the dozen days, but he told me I was detoxed. I knew better, the 14th day I had a withdrawal seizure and I fell and my head crashed through a lamp leaving me with 29 stitches in my forehead. The doctor told me you must have taken something or smoked pot. I hadn’t. He didn’t even test me. This is the same doctor who introduced me to large amounts of his quick fix cures, XANAX this will take care of everything and handle the depression. I may have been a little depressed but who doesn’t get depressed. I certainly was more depressed after his cure. So much for the past. My message is really simple, the Narconon Program has worked for me and it will work for you too. That “I didn’t work the program, the program worked me” and because it worked me and I feel so grateful about “feeling good” about feeling good that I know that I will always want to reach out to others and say “You knew me before and you know me now, this is what works”. You saw me when I came in and you see me now all you have to do is keep coming back. God Bless the Narconon Staff, somebody sent me here but I know God sent you!!!!!! more
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