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BE CAREFUL!! - Review by Dan S | Midas



BE CAREFUL!! 12/1/2006

I liked this service shop...until today. They treat you decent and offer "options" when they tell you what you need done on your car. It's after they fix your car that's the problem. I had my car in as the brakes (e-brake cable) locked up so my rear wheels wouldn't move. Luckily I was about a half mile away when this happened so the tow charge wasn't enormous. So I took my car in and they fixed it to the tune of over $900. That was Wednesday afternoon. So I drove the car on Thursday and it was great. Friday morning I had a very important meeting and am leaving for it and my brakes lock up on my car before I even get out of the neighborhood! Oh crap! So I call Jim over at Midas and tell him he has a major problem because my "prior" problem just repeated itself and I have a big meeting I have to miss because I can't move my car. I figured I needed to get my car there and I wasn't paying for another tow so I forced the car the three or four miles (while the brake pads are locked against my rear wheels, mind you) to get to the service shop. I walk in and one of the mechanics tells me they'll get it taken care of. They pull the car into the bay to take a look at it, look at it for about 2 minutes and pull it right back out and say they took care of it. Turns out a bolt was "too tight," so they loosened it. No problem, right? Got it taken care of and no big deal. NOPE. They didn't even drive my car to see if it was working right!! I drive the car to run some errands in the early afternoon and went and did some Christmas shopping at the MOA. I left the mall and got in my car, and on the way down the hill in the parking ramp my rear wheels lock up!! Are you kidding me!?! So I call Jim at the Eden Prairie Midas back and tell him what happened. He said he'd cover the tow to get the car from MOA to EP. I called Williams Towing to get a flatbed to get my car back to the shop for round two THAT SAME DAY. THE THIRD TIME IN LESS THAN THREE DAYS! They told me 2 to 2.5 hours before they could get there. So instead of making Jim pay for the tow I once again decide to grit my teeth and force my car to Eden Prairie at highway speeds. Let me tell you, the most nerve racking 30 minutes of my life. So I get the car to Midas in Eden Prairie around 5 p.m. on Friday. They have an hour until close and they aren't in any hurry to get to it tonight. They tell me they'll get to it first thing in the morning. I then ask if it's an independently owned Midas and Jim tells me it's owned by a guy named Sandy Hendrickson - (952) 545-9070 is the number to his "Hendrickson Ent Incorporated", if anyone's interested - and gives me his name and phone #. So I leave and am in the process of leaving the parking lot with my friend, who so graciously took time to pick me up, when I have to stop and run back into the shop because my car is sitting outside and I'm wondering if it's going to be there all night. Jim tells me he'll get it inside. I'm going to drive by later tonight to verify that. Anyway...we leave and I call this Sandy Erickson on the way home. Some guy at his company picks up and says he's gone home for the day, so I explain the story and he doesn't offer any help whatsoever. Oh well, what's new right? So that's where I am currently. I just got home and felt compelled for the first time in my life to review a business. Here I am without a car on a Friday night and my car is sitting at the Eden Prairie Midas with no one working on it and twenty minutes still left to do so. Not to mention not one person has apologized to me for me having my car in for a rather minor problem for the third time in less than 72 hours. What happened to customer service? What happened to quality work? more
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