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Terrible Service - Review by Jeff H | Genesee Fuel Co

Genesee Fuel Co


Terrible Service 11/28/2006

I just had a very poor experience with Genesee Fuel, and I strongly recommend that you stay away from these folks and move to a more professionally operated company. I suggest Rossoe (206) 725-7555, which is who I am using now. I recently bought a very old home with an oil-based boiler. Yesterday, the heat went off, and I couldn't be sure if there was a boiler malfunction or we were out of oil. (Sadly, I did not know how to measure the oil level.) I was surprised to learn ultimately that we were out of oil, because we had just filled it less than two months ago. In any case, I called Genesee (who has filled our oil tank in the past) to ask for help with diagnosing the problem and correcting the situation. It was after hours, but given the sub-freezing weather, this constituted an emergency from my point of view. I called Genesee's night emergency line and spoke with someone who told me I would get a call back that night. I never received the call. In the early morning, I called again and was told that they could send out a repair truck, but that it would be $74 and if the problem turned out to be the oil level, this person would not be able to help. I asked them to send the repair person. He showed up this morning and said "yup, you're out of oil." He said he carried a small amount of oil with him, but that for our boiler, it wouldn't last more than an hour or so, so we shouldn't bother. He also couldn't tell me when an oil truck would be able to come out. So after he left, I called Genesee again and asked for an oil delivery today. They said that all their trucks were out serving other customers and they couldn't deliver it until tomorrow, but if I had called last night, they would have been able to schedule me in for today. That was just a *bit* maddening. The customer service rep that told me the above then said that maybe I could convince dispatch to come out today, so she transferred me to dispatch. This was the point in the experience where I completely flipped the bit on Genesee. The dispatcher said "so which of my other customers without any heating oil should I push off the list to come out and fill your tank?" Very unimpressive. I then asked if he could recommend another company in town who might be able to service us today. Instead of doing the right thing and trying to find a solution for his customer, he said "I'm not going to tell you who my competitors are - you can look at the yellow pages yourself!" So I did go to the Yellow Pages and quickly found Rossoe. Within an hour, they were at my house filling the tank and the driver even verified that the boiler came on and stayed on. Their service was excellent, and I intend to enter into a maintenance agreement with them. So at the end of the day, Genesee lost all my future business instead of just losing my business for this one tank refill. more
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