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Thanksgiving Day Buffet - Review by Lori H | Seven Seas Inn Restaurant

Seven Seas Inn Restaurant


Thanksgiving Day Buffet 11/23/2006

To whom it may concern: I would just like you to know how VERY disappointed I was in the buffet you served on Thanksgiving Day. I have several reasons how I came to this conclusion which I will be sharing with you in this review. For starters, I was NOT pleased with the location, I was in a party of three & we were sent to sit in the Pier 7 room. I would have liked to sit in the main dining room, but apparently that was not an option. I guess our time of arrival was about 12:00 noon or thereabouts. We got seated right away & were asked by our waitress what beverages we would like. She brought 3 Mt. Dews. She then said we could visit the buffet whenever we were ready, which we immediately did. When I got to the turkey & ham table, I noticed that it was not "real" turkey, it was a pressed & rolled turkey that had ALOT of gristle (fat aka muscle) on it. The gravy on the buffet line was empty, wasn't even enough to put on potatoes. The last dish on the line (I thought) looked like scalloped potatoes & ham, so I took some, only to find out after eating a pretty large bite that it was some kind of fish, of which I am allergic to, but since the dish was NOT labeled as to what it was, I am presently suffering the consequences. Then, as if those issues I previously mentioned, were not enough, then we get our bill. This is the part of the WHOLE meal that angered me the most..........WHY IN THE HELL DID IT COST $17.66 FOR THREE BEVERAGES, OF WHICH WERE FOUNTAIN POP???????? Since when does ANY buffet charging $11.95 per person DOES NOT INCLUDE a beverage??? And of course, what better time to find out then AFTER we were all finished eating & couldn't do a single thing about it!!! Yes, we drank & yes, we ate, I am not disputing that fact. I am just angered & VERY upset that there was an extra charge of almost $18.00 added on to our food bill. Now I know serving fountain pop DOES NOT anywheres near come close to costing as much as I was charged, I am just a little confused as to why there was even a charge at all?????? Word of mouth is the best advertising & I am telling you now that BAD advertising gets around ALOT faster. I have eaten at your buffets for the VERY LAST time, & I will make it a point to TELL EVERYONE I KNOW about my experience at your establishment so at least they will not be shocked or surprised as I was (if anybody I know even goes to eat there anymore after I tell them about my experience) I just feel maybe the waitress should have informed me that there was an extra fee for beverages or maybe it should have been posted somewhere for everyone to see, especially what was on the buffet. What is wrong with labeling what the dish is???? By the way, I was not the only one in that room shocked & surprised by my bill, everybody standing in line was in awe & angry as well. I just feel in the future you should better inform your customers, that's just my opinion. Signed, A VERY UNHAPPY & DISPLEASED CUSTOMER!!!! more
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