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missing children - Review by william h | University Mennonite Church

University Mennonite Church


missing children 11/12/2006

HELP ME FIND MY CHILDREN Dear Friends, Family and Anyone Else With A Caring Heart, Help me find my two 9-year-old sons, William and Mario Harvey. I have not seen them for over two weeks. Anyone, who knows me, knows that two weeks is a long time for me not to see my children. I am a very active father in my children's lives. I'm not the kind of man that feels he can only see his children on every other weekend. If I were able, I would see my children everyday. My children know that they always have a home with me. I pay my child support, provide them with health, vision and dental insurance, as well as buy whatever they need, coats, shoes, clothes, etc. You see, the child support I pay does not benefit my children. It doesn't buy their shoes, it doesn't go to their clothes, nor does it go towards hats, gloves, or toys. It is never used on them, they are told by their unemployed mother, unemployed by choice, that it's their responsibility to help pay rent because they live with her. My children haven't lived in the same house for more than a year. As a matter of fact, they don't stay in one house for an entire year. The have moved around from one place to another. In the last five years, this is move number 10. They are being taught that if you can't pay your bills and you can't pay your rent, then just move. They are being taught that the answer to life is to scam whomever you can. Their grades are failing, the school system can't keep track of them. And the current school that they are enrolled in, Broadview Elementary, in Weirton WVA, hasn't even had a call off for them, they are just MIA. My son William needed to go to summer school this year and it took everything in my power to see to it that he went. The school kept trying to contact his mother, but that was of no importance to her. When my children are not with me, they are allowed to go outside from the break of day until whatever time at night. You know, the kind of kids that are always at your house and you always seem to feed, and you are always wondering why there is no parent ever looking for them. This is not how I want my children to live. I don't want people to cringe every time they see them coming. I want my children to be stable and know that they are not going to have to move from house to house and from school to school. They are again in a situation where their mother is down on her luck and pretending to be the victim of abuse by her ex-boyfriend. She is supposedly in a women's shelter. My children are being forced to live in a homeless shelter, and there is no reason for it, because my wife and I can offer them a safe and loving home. What parent who truly loves their children would rather see them homeless rather than in a safe and loving environment? No one would choose a shelter over a safe haven for his or her children. Whenever they come to my home, they always look like children of neglect. I don't even allow their mother to send anything with them, just the clothes on their backs. The moment they come in the house they immediately want a bath and clean clothes. This summer, July 4th to be exact, my wife and I had to rush them to the hospital because they had skin disease. The physician said it was called Streptoserous, it was from parasites due to not being clean. The physician said it was due to neglect. My worse fear now is that my son William may be suffering from a toothache that his mother refuses to have taken care of. Can you imagine the pain of a toothache? How is it a parent can allow their children to not have a toothbrush. My children lived with my wife and I for a month this past May. When they were the victims of a house fire for the third time. When they went back to live with their mother, not that we wanted them to, they were not having there needs met. After a month of living with her, they still did not have toothbrushes at her house. William and Mario told my wife that they were using their wash cloth to wipe their teeth. I wonder, can anyone hear my cry. I have called child services on several occasions and always told that nothing can be done for me. What does it take to get the world to listen to a man, a father who loves his children? Since when do women have a monopoly on loving their children? When my children are in a home, there are usually several of their mother's friends and their children living with them. Here recently she had them sharing an attic bedroom with a 19-year-old guy. Can anyone hear my cry? During the last house fire in May, all they were being told by their mother was that they would get a lot of money and new things from people, everything she teaches them has to do with how to get over on people. Her brother and I went to the police station to report the children and her missing. I sent an email to her email address and had the police email her too. She never responded to the email. Someone told me she has a ad on a dating site, can you believe it, I sent her an email on her dating site and she read it right away, this is the woman who is in hiding, afraid for her life, but she is working her dating prospects on the site that she has her ad. Of course she refused to give me the location of my children, but the number was from State College. My children are nothing but a paycheck to her. I need any assistance that anyone reading this letter can give. Please go to a website called click on contact us or missing persons and you will see a picture of my children and their mother. If anyone has seen them or knows where they are, please contact me by leaving an email on the website of Please forward this letter to anyone on your email list, I need help finding my children. Sincerely, William P. Harvey III more
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