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Please -DO NOT buy from this man! - Review by M T | Better Priced Computers - Tim Long

Better Priced Computers - Tim Long


Please -DO NOT buy from this man! 11/6/2006

My Father, the most decent, honest man I've ever known, needed a new computer and contacted Tim Long at Better Priced Computers to get a quote on a Pent 4 with CD burner, running Windows XP. He got the quote and called me to see if I thought it was a good deal. I asked my Father how much RAM it had, but he didn't know. I had also been checking prices for him, and had found one $20 cheaper, so he asked me to call Tim to get further details. Tim Long quoted the price for a P4, 512MB RAM, 80gig drive, CD-RW running Windows XP PRO. I wrote it all down, and REPEATED and VERIFIED that it would be a new machine with these components. I then called my Father and recommended he go with it, since it was a bit cheaper than what I found. WHAT A MISTAKE! I traveled to my Father's home this past weekend to get it all set up for him, and was shocked to find he had sold him a CELERON, with 256 MB RAM running WINDOWS 2000 PRO - NT !!!! My Father, being the great man he is, said "Well, I am sure it was an honest mistake and he probably gave us someone else’s machine on accident". So he called Tim and told him the situation. Tim told my Father it WAS the right machine, and started telling him all this nonsense about it. I then got on the line, and told him it was not what we agreed on, at which time he started yelling at me, telling me that Pentium 4's ARE NOW CALLED CELERONS!!! And went on to say that WINDOWS 2000 pro IS WINDOWS XP PRO!!!!!!! He screamed and yelled at me, and told me I didn't know anything. He insulted me to the point I finally asked him to STOP yelling at me and that since he wouldn't make this right, to just give my Father a refund. HE REFUSED. He hung up on me, then called my Father back a few minutes later and said, "I am not going to have SOME WOMAN tell me this isn't the right machine -- she doesn't know ANYTHING, so DON'T EVER CALL ME AGAIN, DON'T SHOW UP HERE, I DON'T EVER WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN!!!" and hung up on my Father. It was completely bizarre, especially since my Father is such a good, honest and kind man, and was being so calm and nice to him on the phone and didn't deserve this hateful, unprofessional abuse. He's now stuck with this machine, since he paid with a money order and didn't get a spec sheet. Bless his heart -- when I told him I was going to fight this, he said, "It's ok....God will deal with him. Just let it go", and is ready to put this behind him as a learning experience. I, however, want to take it a step further and warn other people about this con man and hope others don't get scammed, too. It is not fair at all. My dad didn't deserve this, nor does anyone else. I believe Tim Long preyed upon my Father's lack of computer knowledge, not knowing I would be showing up to see what he had stuck him with. To make matters worse, he didn't include any of the hardware drivers, recovery CD, or anything! In addition, the components he used, from the tower to the motherboard, are the cheapest most generic "low-end" parts you can get. This machine is a complete joke. And because BIOS is not recognizing the hard-drive, it's become quite a pain to try to install any other operating system. Please take our advice and go elsewhere for your computer needs. In fact, Wasson Computers (an actual store, not some guy's house like Tim Long) has been VERY helpful since this occurred, in providing us advice and options on this machine, and what we can do to get my Father on a good computer. I highly recommend those fine folks!!! more
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