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Re-Sale Rack Prices not fair 10/31/2006

The reason I made the title read: "Re-Sale Rack prices not fair" is because, when you take clothes there and they buy them off of you, they tell you they will give you half of what they will sell them for. However, I took some really nice winter coats there, which were NAME BRAND and in excellent condition. They only gave me $3 for each of them. They turn around and sell them for $10 - $15 each. 2x3=6. So why didn't I recieve at least $5 - $7.50 for each of them? They rip the people off who sell the clothes to them and then turn around and try to get rich by trippling the price. Granted, they do mark the prices down ONLY after they have sat in their store for almost a month, and still it is more than they paid. So, you really aren't getting a deal at all for used clothes. They charged me $40 for a double stroller that literally fell apart the same day and they refused to take it back and refund me. My child could have been hurt, so be careful when buying used stuff like strollers and car seats. Yeah, they may keep up with re-calls and stuff, but they aren't aware of the hazards that face even the non-recalled (especially being used already). Some of their clothes are missing inner tags, and some even have names from the previous child in them. Still, they charge you over $10 for the item. Their store is run down, and the bathroom lack privacy because of the gap between the door and the wall hinge. The rooms to try on clothes only have curtains when now-a-days you are supposed to have doors, so no-one gets in when you are in there. There is a play area for little kids to play while there parents browse the clothes, which is good, but it sits right in front of a big window that anyone can look in, and provides a security hazard to the children when their parent isn't watching. I know parents should always watch their kids no matter what, but what if someone was watching them play from the outside, and sees the parent isn't paying attention and wals in and takes the kid with no-one looking? Being a mother of 4 young children, that concerns me. HOWEVER, the Husband seems like a really nice guy, but his wife is really arrogant at times. And no, she never smiles. When you drop of clothes she rips right through them, throws an ammount at you, gives you the money and turns away. No words to exchange nothing. Just a drop-sort and look- and leave. That is it. So, you tell me, is this a place that seems to succeed for their clothing or for what they rip people off by giving them for clothes that are worth 6 times that ammount???? You be the judge. more
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