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very poor/ the worst - Review by greg n | Mc Donald's

Mc Donald's


very poor/ the worst 10/26/2006

the drive through service is wrong times, more than write, even when the order menu reflects the order, whats put in the bag is wrong, after driving away its gets old haveing to return. especially living close by, it gets old calling and or returning. well the last straw was when my wife went there (scottsbluff) and ordered a simple quarter pound without cheese, fries and a diet coke. well the drive home is aprox. 2 mins. the drink was great, the fries were hard and cold, the burger was cold and the bun was hard and dried out. to top it off ( excuse my pun) there was a clump of onions and ketchup. i mean it was a clump, probably enough for 5 quarter pounders. the trash cans needed to tended to more frequently, if not needing dumped, they should at least wipe the flap door down, instead of leaving ketchup, onoins, pop ,etc etc.splattered all over. its more of a hassle for the customer to throw the trash away, without washing hands afterwards. over-all cleanliness is bad, floors, tables, condements area. i have personally, ordered at the counter and observed fries being dumped from the rack in their various size containers back into the heat lamp area.that was rediculous. the store at wal-mart is fantstic always fresh and always correct. the store in gering is the same. i thought maybe when the gering manager was transferred to the scottsbluff store, was, for the reason to clean there act up. well it has not. i have eaten in mcdonalds all over the country and even in europe and i must say, this store is the worst. its not the managers constant fault, he can not babysit everybody (employees) all the time. but it amazes me the difference betweem the 3 stores that are so close. well, i've always enjoyed mcdonalds all my life but after this last incident ( forwhich there has been so, so, many)with my wife, i've decided to start my opinion with and to you ( respectively) i have in the past have gotten cuopons for mistakes, and that is not what i'am looking for. my suggestion is there needs to be more or at least some unanounced visits on all shifts for a fare and partial evauation, and this store needs to get it together. it is the biggest even with a playland and is fairly new. it should be one of the best or at least equal to the others. by know way the worst. sincerely more
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