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Dangerously careless and blatantly disregarded instructions from owner - Review by J B | Northeast Veterinary Hospital

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Dangerously careless and blatantly disregarded instructions from owner 8/2/2007

We took our 4 lb chihuahua in for oral cleaning. At the pre-op check up, the vet tech told me that our dog could stand to eat a few less greenies (he's 4lbs for cryin out loud & in great shape). Who tells a parent that their kid is fat and then laughs in their face? This was forgiven as I felt she was just socially awkward but then she told me that he needed his nails clipped, to which I replied that we do clip them but not close as his wicks are long & a vet down in Texas clipped them too close once & made him bleed. I thought that was the end of that. The next day we took him in for his surgery and my partner gave specific instructions to call us if they wanted to pull any teeth other than the one specified. They did call us later that afternoon to let us know that he'd lost some teeth during cleaning and that they wanted to remove some extra baby teeth. During the discussion, the same vet tech said that she was going to clip his nails. My partner told her "do NOT clip his nails. I don't trust anyone but us to do it and I do NOT want his nails clipped." The tech argued that if they cut him they had glue to stop the bleeding and that he would be knocked out anyway and wouldn't feel a thing. Needless to say, she was told again in no uncertain terms that was unacceptable and that his nails were not to be clipped. fast forward to pick up time. The front desk lady rings us up and tells us "today your dog had a dental cleaning, blah blah, HIS NAILS CLIPPED" WHAT?? I told her that the tech was told in no uncertain terms not to do that, to which she replied "well when a dog has oral surgery, it's best for them to have their nails cut short". So at that, I stopped arguing or even caring, I just wanted out of there. HOWEVER, it gets worst. That same receptionist gives us his pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills with instructions of "one a day". To which we ask if we can split the pills up as he's a 4lb chihuahua and the pills were quite large. She replies not to do that, but to cover the entire pill in butter and shove it down his throat if he won't take them. O.K. fast forward again to when we get home. I'm reading the medication and I see that it says "25 mg" and "give 1/4 a day until all medication used". My partner then reads the medication advisory which states that 2mg per lb is the dose. That equals 8mgs NOT 25! So we call the vet. The admin lady is very rude and says to do what the receptionist told us. We then tell her about the advisory and that it doesn't sound right. She then says "well I can get a vet if you want" (UM YES PLEASE). So after holding a few minutes she comes back and routinely apologizes but yes our dog is to have 1/4 pill a day not the entire pill. HE COULD HAVE DIED!!! Seriously, we will not be going back here. You'd think that a veterinary hospital would care more for their patients welfare and not so much about being late for dinner. I'm so glad we pushed the issue but am saddened that many pet owners probably (and rightly so) trust their initial advice at the cost of their pets comfort, health and at worst case scenario, death. more
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