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Don't buy the hype 11/29/2006

I am hesitant to write a negative review of any business, but this place has earned it. My review is based off of 4 visits to this theater, so I believe it is fair. From reading the other reviews I see that I am going to be in the minority, but I really despise this theater. Yes, it is new. Yes, the seats are large and comfy. Yes, all the good movies play here. But it all comes at a price. First off, it is $9.50 for a regular-priced ticket. Easily the most expensive in the Seattle area, Cinerama aside. Next, it has been extremely crowded every time I have been there. So crowded that the parking lot has been full 3 out of the 4 times I have been there. Not only that, but it is over-run with obnoxious teenagers. Why do I use the word over-run? Because the management staff cannot control these groups. 3, count em 3, times my $9.50 movie has been severely interrupted by young people laughing, yelling things at the screen, answering cell phones and overall disrespectful behavior. Once I asked the management to handle the situation, and they did nothing. The two other times I had to take matters in to my own hands and speak to these groups directly. After the last time this happened, I spoke to the customer service rep. about their policy regarding these incidents. He said if someone is being disruptive, they will send a staff member into the theater to check it out and if the people are still being disruptive, they MAY ask them to leave. This is a terrible policy which results in people missing a good chunk of the movie to deal with rude idiots. I truly believe that local teenagers have made a game out of interrupting movies because they know they can get away with it and that is funny to them. I have no idea how these people are even getting in to these shows, since two of the times this has happened the shows have been rated R. I have sent my concerns to the management, who responded by telling me that they know it is an ongoing problem for them. This makes me wonder why they are not enforcing a stricter policy! They sent me some passes for my trouble. We used them recently, and to their credit there was no incident (minus the 30 minutes it took to park and the 10 minutes in line). We also saw a movie that had been out for 3 weeks with only 5 or so other people in the theater, so I think that helped a bit. Bottom line is that it is just not worth the hassle to see a show here. Sure it is beautiful, but it is not worth having your show interrupted. I'd rather go to Crossroads, where it is a little low-key, but at least I know I will watch what I paid for in peace. more
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