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You Get What You Pay For - Review by Homer D | Wholesale Performance Trans

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You Get What You Pay For 10/11/2006

June, 2006 The transmission in my '95 GMC Safari (like a Chevy Astro) van loses 3rd gear and reverse. It's a typical failure in the 700R4 transmission when they get old and worn. Took it to 3 places, all gave the same answer: needs a standard rebuild with a torque converter swap. All-American quoted $1800 for 1 year nationwide warranty rebuild, GM dealer quoted $2400 for a GM crate tranny with 3 year anywhere warranty and Wholesale Performance quoted $1100 with a 6 month us-only warranty. With the difference in price, as well as being a 10 year old vehicle, I gave the job to WP. They did the job in 48 hours (dropped off Saturday, done on Tuesday). Left the van outside overnight, at least it was locked, they didn't arm the alarm, though. No incidents, so not an issue. Picked up the van, drove it for a day (about 100 miles in city and highway traffic) so it could break in. Noticed a shudder when it shifted from 2nd to 3rd with very light throttle (30-35 mph). Brought it back on Wednesday, mechanics took it out for 10 minutes but "could not duplicate" the shudder, they were driving it too hard. I drove them around the block, it was immediately noticed, said it was the torque converter locking up, normal. Said it would smooth out after 10 days or so. Said if it didn't, to go get a tube of "shudder stop" from a tranny supply house. Being a tourist, I drove the van home a week later. 5 months later, the shudder is more prominent. No question about it, it is a pressure issue, not the converter. This is a servo or clutch issue. Their warranty is only good if you bring the tranny back to them to fix, it's not valid anywhere else. Drive 1500 miles round trip for repairs? Not likely, and they knew it. Bottom line: they do adequate work for the money charged. However, if you value your vehicle's performance or want to get back the quality feel of a new car, pay the price and go to the dealer or at least get a nationwide warranty. If I was a local resident, I'd be hounding them to fix it, but I screwed myself in the long run. Justify your savings before being cheap on your tranny repair! BTW: I was ASE certified in 5 areas in the past, so I should have known better. My loss, learn from it. more
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