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Babies R Us.. get over it... - Review by Pockette . | Babies R Us

Babies R Us

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Babies R Us.. get over it... 10/11/2006

So Babies R a GINORMOUS rip off.. as a general rule. I worked in the pet industry for some time, and I can't help but compare a company like Petco or Petsmart to a company like Babies R Us. At Petsmart they carry things like Chicken Flavored toothpaste for dogs, and bejeweled collars and crap like that. NOW you know that you don't need this crap, yet your possessed to buy it anyways, SAME THING AT THE BABY STORES. You don't need a friggin diaper genie (For those of you that don't know what this is.. it's a glorified trash can JUST for soiled diapers.) People say "Well I don't want to smell the diapers." THEN TAKE YOUR TRASH OUT YOU MORON. You don't need a bottle's called "RUN THE BOTTLE UNDER WARM WATER." pfft With all these gadget and gizmo's and un-needed crap it has a tendency to make one wonder how people in 3rd world countries can manage to raise their children without the Eddie Bauer play set, and the new fangled doohickeys that are being churned out by the millions by companies like Playschool and Matel. I'm a firm believer that in our society today children are so sheltered and their blows so cushioned that it's one of the main reasons why these children are OUT OF CONTROL. They have NO sense of REALITY. LIFE CAN SUCK. There's no pre-chewed mush, and soft rounded corners in life. Be realistic with your children, Shelter them when necessary but also let them make their own mistakes.. let em fall down and get hurt when a lesson can be learned and quit treating them like they are some prize show dog puppies in need of the "Barbie-line" chew toys. Think about it! Also... if ya are gonna buy pretty twinkling crap for you kids.. (in moderation) DON'T buy it at babies R us.. because they are the prize pup specialty shop.. they over charge for EVERYTHING because they know the people that come in there to shop are MORE than happy to pay the astronomical prices. pfft more
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