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Welcome to Moe's - Review by Anne K | Moe's Southwest Grill

Moe's Southwest Grill

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Welcome to Moe's 12/4/2006

Walk in the door, and that is exactly what you hear coming from the employees. You look up on a board, & you see a list of burritos, fajitas, salads, tacos, and quesadillas with the funkiest names. The homewrecker, joey bag of donuts, pinky tuscadero, john costacan (JC fof short), etc. You have to walk through a maze of chains to get through to where you order, because most of the day, it is busier than a one armed paper hanger. They ask you what you want. You tell them, and if you want it with out a tortilla shell, you want a streaker (sometimes it is good to streak) They steam the tortillas to make the plyable, and write 2 letters to tell the next person what you want. You get to the next person, they ask you, what meat, chicken, steak, or tofu. They are all wonderful, but let me tell you, the tofu is absolutely fabulous. You have a choice of pintos or black beans, and depending on the item, your choice of sides. They have fresh cilantro and fresh jalapenos, and I always get them to give me a cup of them because it adds to the wonderful taste. You continue down the line, and they get down to where they give you your meal, to go or here, if it is to go, they place it in the container, with the fresh tortilla chips usually just fried, and if it is for here, they put it in the basket, they put the chips in the basket and slide them both towards the cashier. They have a variety of beers on ice, margaritas they can pour, fountain drinks and iced tea, sweet and unsweet. There are usually fresh cookies which are available for purchase right by the cashregister. that is the most evil part of the whole place. They have a fresh hot sauce bar, which has about 5 different kinds of hot sauce. I like the really hot one, I bite the food, pour more on, or dip my food into it. I add the cilantro and jalapenos as I go. The fajitas are great, and you can order grilled veggies. The grilled veggies are great on a quesadilla with jalapenos. Sounds wacky, but for a vegetarian, it is actually wonderful. The board tells you all of the items that are available, and if you speak with the owner, he will tell you about the catering that he is able to do. The restaurant, the one on brandon blvd, and the one on bloomingdale blvd are both extremely clean, and I haven't had any trouble with any thing I have ever ordered. more
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