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Seven -- all hype and not that hip - Review by flowerofthedesert . | SEVEN, Seattle

SEVEN, Seattle

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Seven -- all hype and not that hip 10/18/2006

I went to Seven after my boyfriend got a recommendation from someone about the place -- I was very excited about getting a professional haircut after a long time -- I have been cutting my own hair for several years. I walked in and was immediately shocked by the loud music, and bustle of the place -- I had heard that they have a DJ on site who mixes music while you are getting your hair cut, and thought that might be nice, but it was nothing but loud. I could tell it was a "see-and-be-seen" atmosphere, and everyone there was in high heels and skimpy outfits -- I wouldn't have minded all of that had there been more to the experience... I didn't exactly feel taken care of -- the high standards of customer service I expected were a little lacking, especially from the girls at the Front Desk. I work as a receptionist and administrative assistant, so perhaps I am especially critical of people who do my job in other businesses, but I thought they were cold and unwelcoming. If anything, I felt more like a sheep being herded along through the process than a well-taken care of customer. My stylist was nice, but seemed preoccupied the entire time she was cutting my hair -- perhaps it was the hoity-toity women and men who kept rushing by, or the loud music, or the fact that she seemed more concerned about a fashion show she was styling for than actually paying attention to me. The cut looked nice at first, but then she proceeded to blow-dry my nicely curly hair straight into this bouffant style instead of styling it to look natural. Seeing as Seven's whole schpeil includes cutting and coloring to compliment your skin tone and the shape of your face, I was stunned that she decided to style my hair so unnaturally. I could have spoken up, but I decided to let her do what she thought was best, since she was the professional. After watching a few other people as they got their hair cut and colored, I noticed that the "blow-dry straight and pooffy" hairstyle seems to be Seven's bent. If you like that kind of hair style, you might like Seven -- if you can get past the assembly-line feel of the whole set-up. Sure, they give you a latte or mocha (which is mediocre at best) and they have music and lights, but I personally felt more like I was on a techno-styled conveyor belt than being given any kind of customer service. It was only when I handed the coupon I had been given by the owner of Seven Salons, Roger, that the girl behind the Front Desk gave me any kind of personable response -- and then it was, "OOOHHH, did you like your cut? Was everything ok?" -- I want good customer service without having to be a celebrity, a rich chic who has perfectly manicured nails or some other kind of fabulous person they deem worthy of good service -- which is no offense to those who fall into the above categories, I was just expecting something more amazing than I received. Give me a break -- I'm sorry Seven, but I'm not coming back. The experience is definitely not worth the cost in my opinion. -- I know there are quite a few good reviews on here for Seven, and I sincerely hope that everyone continues to have such good experiences, but maybe I'm not the only one who feels the way I do? more
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