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IceDookie @ the Parks,The Parks Mall in Arlington:Skate at your own risk - Review by Alexanna (Baybay) D | Avon At The Park

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IceDookie @ the Parks,The Parks Mall in Arlington:Skate at your own risk 9/14/2006

Nicely situated in the heart of the entertainment wing at the Parks Mall in Arlington, one would take in the smells of the upper-level restaurants, Capuccino wafting in from the near-by Starbucks and the smell of urine and feces assaulting you as you make your way into Ice @the Parks restrooms. Unsanitary public restrooms, locker room restrooms, and ice surface is why I call IceDookie @ the Parks. To a new or one-time visitor one might shrug it off as a one time-occurrence but being a regular of 3 years, I can tell you it is not. The janitorial staff consists of 15-19 year old hockey and clueless figure skaters with very minimal supplies and cleaners ( windex and paper towels). Faulty or missing sink/plumbing in locker rooms and bathrooms are just retarded. I can not say much about the ice just ... watch out and wear a mouth guard. In 3 years, I have personally witness the rink management check the level of the ice 4 times.Once was to paint the hockey lines because the Zamboni driver had shaved off the last layers of ice taking the paint off with it!! Lack of skate guards or inattentive skate guards is not cool ... I've seen children pick holes in the ice and seen adults and children flying right into them .. either knocking out teeth or being carried off in a stretcher. Sometimes accidents were due to ridges left in the ice after a Zam or when the "experienced staff cut the ice...downward sloping into the walls.This sloping caused skaters to fall flat on their backs ..reminiscent of the " Home Alone" falls.. This is not a rink for serious minded and competitive skaters be it figure or hockey. This rink only serves for recreational purposes at best. Any skaters who hope to compete in the upper strata of US figure skating and who would like to consider this rink will not be welcomed here by staff or regulars unless you are under the watchful eye of a qualified trainer ( from somewhere else for on the ice protection - bodyguard).Go spend your money elsewhere for a qualified trainer. If a trainer does not boast gold/silver medals in any USFSA events or international competition, Olympic medals, championship gold or silver on their matter what nationality they are beware!!! If they did not do well for themselves they will not do well by you. The best time to skate is usually on Mondays... all day. Tue,Wed,Thur 9AM-2PM, Fri 1-2pm....From 2PM Mon-Wed on ???....forgettaboutit!!! - If you happen to get there around 3:30 -4:00 just get a bag of popcorn from the AMC sit down and watch the ice show as Arlington's most untalented and unwanted will vie for your attention... it is indeed the best show around, shamefully funny and absolutely free! The learn to skate classes are a hoot!! Show time is 5:15 PM Tuesdays. People ages 50-95 and those with serious health problems are urged to check with a physician before viewing . I give Dookie@the Parks 5 stars based on entertainment value more
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