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Dr.Malkin Fixed my Pain and Saved my Life - Review by Gary P | Malkin Chiropractic Clinic

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Dr.Malkin Fixed my Pain and Saved my Life 12/14/2012

I find it hard, to put into words, that express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I believe it would be best for me to recap the situation which brought me to you. In January 2012 I had Laparoscopic Surgery, to repair four hernias. Three clips were used to attach mesh to my pelvis and stomach muscles. My body developed scar tissue and calcification around the clip in the stomach muscles on the left side. I returned to work but, within three days I started to have pain in my groin area. As the scar tissue built up, it began to put pressure on the nerve leading into my left testicle on a daily basis. My surgeon recommended that I see urologist and a pain Specialist. Eventually, I saw three urologist and two pain specialists. At the point where the clip was, I received three injections from the first pain Specialist and one from a Urologist. None worked and, the pain in the testicle kept getting worse. Then the second Pain Specialist gave me three injections into my spine. Again, none worked and, the pain in the testicle kept getting worse. The only time I did not feel the sharp constant pain in my testicle was when I would lay on my left side, curled in the fetal position. Cutting the nerve to the testicle was considered. But, because another injection at the clip site from a Urologist had caused me to have even greater pain, my surgeon said that it was possible cutting the nerve could leave me with pain for the rest of my life. When I heard that, I started to lose hope. The physical Therapist I was seeing for the pulling sensation at the end of my left step, tried to break up the scar tissue through deep tissue message. It was painful and did not relieve the testicle pain. He then researched into subcutaneous ways of breaking up the scar tissue. He found that K-Laser treatments had success. Because of that, he found you. When we first met, I thought that it would be like all other treatments, useless. After your first treatment, I imagined it had helped. But in my mind I was fooling with myself with wish more
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