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Welcome to Victoria Secrets, is there anything you need help finding - Review by Kimmie Z | Victoria's Secret

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Welcome to Victoria Secrets, is there anything you need help finding 11/22/2006

Monday, I went to the mall with one thing in mind. GIFT SHOPPING! Ahhhhhh, I know. It's just so close to the holidays, that it just drives us all stir crazy. So, I just wanted to get this suitcase gift set for myself and the rest of the stuff for Jessica. No one was run over during the process by myself. lol. So, I go into the mall and rush to find my way to none other than the glamourous store known as: Victoria Secrets. Yes, I love Victoria Secrets but they needed to be reviewed by myself on their services and great offers so I can share the news with my JB City Editor Family! As, soon as I walk in and reach for a shopping bag I am greeted. So, of course that makes me happy because I'm being noticed. The two ladies are standing there, but I'm not sure if they're managers so I go to the cashier and no one is there to my suprise. I wasn't too keen on that, because I'm thinking no one is here, but I'm waiting. Well, there should always be at least one person standing at the cashier just in case there are phone calls, someone needs a price check because there isn't a tag on an item or someone is looking to return something. One lady, (even though she was helping someone at the time) let the phone ring literally 8 times until she answered. I was suprised at that. Anyways, the atmosphere was very comfortable and exciting. The music was playing in the store and it wasn't too loud or too soft. I was looking for a manager so I just went back to the front to the two ladies I first saw when I just walked in. J.K. is the manager so I give her the card and mentioned to her that I'm reviewing her store today. So that way she could have a heads up, and maybe we can all have a joyful experience. Plus, I didn't want to catch her off guard. Even though I knew exactly what I had in mind to look for gift wise, I was still offered help which is great. I almost forgot the plus to all of this. I'm excited to tell you that J.K., J.M., and J.H. we're all a great help to me in finding great deals and discounts so I could save money but also reap the rewards and benefits of all the things they had to offer sale wise. They had a Runway Angel Gift Box in the NEW! Dream Angels Desire Perfume, which smells okay to me and tons of people have been buying it too. Also, they even have it in *Heavenly which all the ladies love...including myself! lol. Also, they had this cool Angel Bag in the Heavenly Perfume, which of course is something I love and actually is America's #1 Fragrance. There's No Doubting that fact! I even have a sample of it from a previous gift purchase. Oh, and let me tell you they also have tons of stocking stuffers that you'll just love! If you are shopping for your boyfriend, common-law hubby, or Husband, or guy friend then definitely go for the: *Very Sexy for Him Cologne, OMG! It's so sexy smelling, I love it. All men should wear it, you'll bring the ladies, or your wife weak in their knees. Yes, to me it's that sexy. lol. Anyways, needless to say I spent a lot of money but unfortuanatly didn't get what I wanted out of it. The Suit Case combo when you spend $150 or more. Suit Case combo meaning the Victoria Secret Purse, carry-on bag and weekend get-away bag which would've been great for when I go on my business trips. I was slightly depressed about that but over-all I bought the gifts all for Jessica. I hope she is suprised, because she's also gettinga PS2, that lucky Woman! lol. Well, I say go for the gold and for saving money by Checking out Victoria's Secrets stores, or online so you can save this Christmas by buy your wife something extraordinary and sexy! Join the Angels Club too, you reap many rewards there! I'm already a platinum member and I've had it for a few months or so... Thanks again VS girls! You helped me in many of my selections. Here's a link to their lovely online store: Thanks for reading! more
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