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Dish Network Satillite T.V., more like dish rude network, how may we not help you?!... - Review by Kimmie Z | Dish Network Satillite T.V.

Dish Network Satillite T.V.

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Dish Network Satillite T.V., more like dish rude network, how may we not help you?!... 11/1/2006

Hello everyone! I know that you all get many recorded messages as phone call like I do. Well, I recieve many from Dish Network at least 2 to 3 times a week. I delete the message on my answering machine or just hang up on the recording because I'm busy doing something. Well, I decided that I should just press one just this once and ask for them to take me off the list. Well, that probably wasn't a good idea. So, I recieved a Shannon and I asked her if she could please take me off the list of people to call, Then she says okay. As I continue to say: because this is the 3rd time this week recieving a call from you guys, Um, hello? She hung up on me. No, sorry about that or repeating their call back number or good bye. I was so perturbed. I mean they call me to get business, it's not me calling and bothering them you know. Plus, I was calm and polite and she just hung up on me. Now, I'm gonna be more than just honest with anyone who calls me. No, I cannot afford it because I'm on a tight budget. But there's just no excuse for poor customer service. That call was Oct.27th, 2006 and then I got a call today and same problem except it was Mike this time. I pressed one to get to a customer service agent and Mike answered and I asked him if I can please get a superviser, and he was polite and said sure, hold on one moment for that, and I'm like: "Okay, thank you". CLICK! Another Jerk-In-the-box! I just cannot understand why I was being treated so carelessly. Wtf?!! Anyways, needless to say I don't have caller ID to answer to so I just decided to report this business because their service stinks. There's not another appropriate word for them. I work with customer service first hand since I'm a specialized global reservation agent for all holiday Inns and their sister hotels to the Intercontinental brand and especially for a cluster of special hotels I assist in with reservations for guests. So, we recieve calls I don't call guests. When guests call me and their upset about a messed up reservation I relieve them of their worries by being calm, cool and collected. I don't just hang up on them because I can't hack the way they sound on the phone. That's just poppycock. So, if anyone wants something similar to dish network...go to a more suitable and customer friendly business like Time Warner or Comcast. Thanks for reading and have a great night. ~Kimmie more
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