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A couple good doctors, terrible front desk - Review by S. M | Greenlake Family Medicine

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A couple good doctors, terrible front desk 8/31/2006

I have have been going to this clinic for about 12 years, even before they were in their current location. Dr. Mitch Peterson and Dr. Carol Waymack are both excellent physicians. I find that Dr. Peterson is a great problem solver. For years, I had a back problem that seemed random and he was the first doctor who said it might be, of all things, indigestion! And he turned out to be right. All that physical therapy another doctor recommended was such a waste! Dr. Waymack is very no-nonsense and efficient, although she can be a little irritable if she thinks you've looked up anything on the internet. If you have done any research, it helps to let her know what the source is, like the NIH or the Harvard Medical site. She'll still be a little put out, but she can't really argue with top-notch sources.Other than that, I find her very easy to talk to and she's a reassuring kind of person. I would avoid Dr. Mar. I've seen him twice and both times, he was sarcastic and condescending. And he gave me wrong info one of the times, telling me that because I was pregnant, I couldn't pet my cat because even cat dander could give me toxoplasmosis, which is totally untrue. I think he uses sarcasm to be funny, but who wants that when you're not feeling well? And when I asked questions, he answered them in a way that made me feel small and silly for asking. The nurses at this clinic have been wonderful, especially with my 2-year-old son. I must say though that even though I stick with this clinic because they have 2 good doctors and years-worth of my medical records, the front desk staff is the worst I've EVER seen. I keep hoping it'll get better, but it just doesn't. It was great years ago, in their old location, but for the last 8 years, I've had nothing but bad experiences. First, when you call, you rarely get straight through. You almost always get a recording saying all their schedulers are busy and you ahve to wait. Second, when I've had to have stuff faxed to other doctors, they've never done it the first time I ask. I usually have to check again and then maybe they do it. One time, I actually got to the specialist and they STILL hadn't faxed my records. I almost missed being able to see the specialist at all while I waited for the fax. If you leave a message for a doctor, it often doesn't get relayed. If they tell you they will call you "right back," make sure you ask how long it will be. I've gotten called back as much as two days later. Once, when I had a question for my doctor, she didn't call me for 2 weeks! When she called, she said that the note she got indicated that I had "just" called. I was pretty angry that not only did they forget about me, but then they gave the doctor the idea that the question was recent. And finally, when you arrive for your appointment, they often seem resentful of the interruption of their private conversations. It's surprising to me that when they have such good nurses and mostly good doctors, that they can't manage to have a friendly, efficient, helpful front desk. It's too bad. Their best doctor, Dr. Katie O'Farrell just left the practice to go back to school so they should be getting a new doctor to replace her. I hope they make a better choice than they did with Dr. Mar. more
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