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My Issaquah Home Depot Purchasing Exp 3/9/2007

On February 09th our washing machine pretty much lost its spin cycle. I could get it to spin but I had to Gerry rig it 3 or 4 times a wash. Even then I could only do ¼ the normal loads. On February 14th our dryer stopped putting out large volumes of heat. This started to make even the ¼ sized loads take 3-4 times longer to dry. In short I was in need of a new washer and dryer. I spent a few days looking online at consumer reports and finally settled on a brand. I notice Home Depot carried the brand I wanted. So I stopped in on the 15th of February to see the models. After looking at them all I decided to order LG models. This is where it went south. Way south. During the purchase I was given choices for delivery on Sat, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. I chose Sunday February 18th. I was given 10% off my order and a 55 dollar rebate on delivery and install. I was then charged 390$ for power cords, vent piping, water hoses, install brackets etc. This was about 15 dollars short of my 10% discount and 55 dollar rebate together. My wife had not seen the models so we stopped by home depot the evening of February 15th (the same day I bought the set). While talking with the sales rep, he informed us that home depot could not accommodate the Sunday 18th delivery. We discussed this as we would be out of a washer and dryer for a full week then. He politely assured us that Tuesday February 20th was the first day he could get the washer and dryer to us. Content but a little perturb we left. 10 days without a washer and dryer would be a pain. Sunday February 18th rolls around and I get a phone call from our home depot salesman and he says unfortunately our Tuesday 20th delivery time was not available. He is able to get it on the Wednesday February 21st delivery thought. So now it is 12 days without a functioning washer and dryer for a family of 4. Monday February 19th comes around and I get a phone call from Home depots manager. They need a separate check from the one I wrote for to cover the costs of the power cords, vent piping, water hoses, install brackets etc. Somehow this was not included in my original bill, I debated this as they were clearly listed in my receipt. On and on we went. I acquiesced and came in and wrote a check for an additional 400. Bringing my total of 3457 for the washer, dryer, stands and install to 3857 for piping bits. I am starting to get very upset at this process. Not only did I loose my full discount they are charging me twice for it. But at this time I have 30 loads of laundry sitting in my hallway and I need to get it done. I can not take it to a laundry matt because I have two very small kids during the day. On Tuesday February 20th I removed the old washer and dryer, which and only been able to complete one load of laundry a day for the last 11 days. I spent the day draining the washer, un hooking the dryer, and cleaning the laundry room for the new arrivals the next morning. Wednesday February 21st comes around. I am waiting patiently for my delivery. I receive a phone call at 10:30 from my salesman. He wants to know how my Tuesday delivery went. Tuesday delivery? I replied you switched it to Wednesday this last Sunday. He apologizes for the confusion and says he will look into it. 15 min later I get a phone call with him saying the washer and dryer are not even at the regional distribution center. The earliest day they can get that to me is Thursday February 22nd. I replied that is simply unacceptable. He hangs up to look into what he can do. I call the manager, the manager replies that they have switched delivery companies and it is not all sorted out. And yes they can get the washer and dryer to their warehouse on Thursday February 22nd. However the first day of service for the new delivery crew is Saturday February 24th, and he would do his best to "squeeze me in" . At this point I am livid. This means I am now 15 days without a washer and dryer if I go by the home depot schedule. I hang up. I spent a few min on the phone with the wife discussing options. I received a call back from the manager he told me the weekend deliveries and Monday are full. Tuesday February 27th is his earliest delivery day. I ask if I can pick the washer and dryer up at the store or warehouse. He replied that is not a possibility as they do not carry the washers in inventory at the store and the warehouse does not have them in stock and will not receive them till the following Tuesday. I replied wait, you just told me you could deliver it to me on Tuesday the 26th and now you are saying your warehouse is receiving them Tuesday the 26th. He replied yes the ware house is getting them Tuesday the 26th. If we can get them of the truck in time we can deliver them on Tuesday. At this point I replied get me the washer and dryer installed by 5pm today (Wednesday February 21st ) or cancel the order. Here is where it gets even worse. He replies they cannot get it to me by 5pm. So we agree to cancel it. I ask what is necessary and he says since the checks have not gone through just cancel the checks, and he will deal with it on his end. I call my bank and cancel the two checks 3457 and 400. I spent the next 4 hours calling appliance stores finding one that had the model in stock in the greater Seattle area. I found the two in stock, in Redmond at Fredrick's appliance. A quick talk with Casey on the phone and he assured me he could have them delivered that day Wednesday February 21st. His price was 100 less than what home depot was charging me. 4:30 rolls around and I receive a call from the delivery guys, they are on their way. By 6 pm I had my washer and dryer. Two weeks go by in laundry bliss. I love the new washer and dryer. On march 3rd I received a letter in the mail from the Issaquah home depot general manager. "Dear Aaron, My name is neil goehri and I am the general store manager of the Issaquah HD. This letter is a follow-up to your recent shopping experience with us relating to an appliance purchase which was subsequently cancelled. Please allow me to express a sincere apology for any inconveniences this transaction may have cause you and your family. Please be assured I value your patronage and hope that you would afford us another opportunity to regain your confidence here at the Issaquah home depot store. Please feel free to contact me at any time for your convenience the stores telephone number is 425 391 8467. I am looking forward to your continued support . Again I offer a sincere apology to you for any inconvenience this experience may have caused. Thank you. Signed, Niel goehri GSM Issaquah Home Depot # 4704. P.S. I am having a 100 dollar gift card sent out to you also. It should arrive in appx. 1 week." Now one might thing this is a nice thing. And it is to a degree. Except for the other two letters I received that day. "Dear Aaron, This is to notify you that check #### in the amount of 3457 and check #### in the amount of 400 was returned due to stop payment and has been referred to Certegy payment recovery services for collection...." Yep, they are trying collecting on a product they never received and could not deliver. I have called Niel 5 times, once a day this week. He has neither answered my calls nor returned them. I have been fair, now I am dealing with this in the same manner they have treated me. more
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