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Cars are for Closers - Review by HAN O | Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen

Chaplin's Bellevue Subaru-Volkswagen

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Cars are for Closers 1/2/2007

On behalf of my Former Boss (FB), whose opinion I respect greatly, I must submit this review. His lease was about to end and he decided to renew at the same dealership where he had leased his two previous cars. From that fact alone, they probably thought it was gonna be a slam dunk. When FB arrived, he knew EXACTLY what he wanted in terms of model, edition, and price range. He was willing to commit to a lease that day if they had the car he wanted and offered a fair price. He scoured the lot for the specific edition he desired. It wasn't there (and he's extremely throrough) so he asked Salesperson 1 if there was one available in an area close by. And mind you, it took 20 minutes for a salesperson to even breathe in his direction in the first place. S1 hemmed and hawed that the car he was looking for was on the lot and led him to several cars that FB had already verified as NOT the car he wanted. FB is all about efficiency and low hassle, so he was pretty steamed about S1 giving him the runaround in an exercise of sheer stubbornness/stupidity. S1 even had the gall to insult FB thrice in the form of "I've been working here X decades and I blah blah blah Master of the Vehicular Universe blah blah". It became obvious that S1 wasn't listening to a word that was being said so FB asked for another Salesperson. Salesperson 2 saunters along 10 minutes later WITH THE LEASE PAPERWORK of all things without having discussed the numbers or even FINDING HIM THE CAR HE WANTED TO LEASE! In a baffling turn of events, S2 begins to badmouth S1 like a pimp with a mortgage. What kind of idiot does that in front of a potential customer? When they finally did start talking numbers after 25 minutes of waiting around, FB's request for "lower monthly payments and $1K down" was interpreted as "Pickles and mayo on a camel's backside". It just made you want to reach over and adjust the poor little guy's helmet. And if that wasn't sad enough, he pre-empted any attempts at haggling by declaring that the ridiculous price "is what it is". I mean, where did this chump learn to close? At a crack house? Suffice it to say that no car was leased that day nor shall ever be leased again at this Nitwit Factory. Causing aneurysms one vein at a time. more
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