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They are rip off artist and have very very poor communication skills - Review by Angela P | Springman Braden Wilson

Springman Braden Wilson


They are rip off artist and have very very poor communication skills 8/24/2006

My name is Angela Peters. I was sued for leaving my lease early. I was sued by Roj Lotfi, but before I was sued Mr. Lotfi told my old boyfriend and I that he would let me out of our lease if we did all that he asked up to do in the house hold. We did all that was requested of us, but replace the oven pan. He then took us to court. While at court he said that he never asked us any such thing and the lawyers did not push him for the correct answer. In court we had no choices and was not able to speak our part of what happened. He also charged us for a cleaning bill for the home. I was a professional maid for 4 years and I have never left a place that was not cleaned perfectly (I spent 12 hours on that house). He showed no bill or pictures of the residents in the order that "we" left it in. We were charged $2500.00 estimate of the suit.(the law firm has not given me any paperwork on the case) Because of personal differences with my former boyfriend we were not able to come together on the payments. The lawyers charged us the full amount of the suit. Because of one payment that was late we were charged an estimated amount of $10,000.00. The lawyers office has put this dept on my credit report two times. I have contacted them on several occations and it would be weeks before hearing from the lawyers office. I was told that they spoke to me a week before but that was a lie and I made sure to confirm that. I asked to be sent the paperwork to start the process of my payments again. I waited over a month and a half and received nothing in the mail. On 8/21/06 I sent a registered letter to the law office. I received the signed note that they did receive my letter. I am not happy, because I cannot afford a lawyer of my own and that they took advantage of myself and Mr. Small. Mr. Small was in court with them and the judge gave no chance to Mr. Small to tell his side of the situation. I am also aware of Mr. Roj Lotfi's many suits with this law office. I know that he was in the middle of a suit with another company, for work that was done on that same house. I am also aware that people moved into that house 2 months after we left the property. We should not be responsible for the double payment of rent and I am not sure if he can get payment for a property that he no longer owns. I feel violated and used by this company and also with the lack of responsibility and the lack of communication. If we do not have our payment in on the day that they require then we will be charged an additional $2000.00. I do think that they are taking advantage of our lack of income to get our own lawyer. They have done nothing but lie and cheat myself and Mr. Small. They have also stolen all the money out of Mr. Small's personal bank account and was required in court to repay that money back to the account. I am on a very tight budget and cannot pay what they require so I will be charge outrageous amounts to pay the dept off. All I want to do is take care of this and then seek a lawyer of my own to sue for back payments. Please help me someone. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I have a ton more of information on this company if needed. Angela Peters more
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