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Stay Far, Far Away from this Dentist - Review by J F | Landy Michael G Dds

Landy Michael G Dds


Stay Far, Far Away from this Dentist 8/22/2006

First up -- I brush with an electric toothbrush, floss, use mouthwash, get my teeth cleaned every 6 months, etc, etc. Dr. Harris may have a pleasant demeanor at first, but his level of care is poor - at best. Six months ago I told him I had sensitivity to cold on my back tooth. He said it was probably a cold (that my sinuses were pushing on the nerve), but never took x-rays. During my last appointment this week, I said I couldn't even remember the last time we took x-rays and mentioned the sensitivity remained. Well - it seems I couldn't remember the last time because it was three years ago. Now I'll likely need a root canal and crown. When I questioned him about the length of time between x-rays, he became very irritated and tried to blame me saying I probably refused them (no chance of that, but if it were, don't you think that would be noted in my chart? It's not). He went on to say it was because of my poor oral hygiene. This is the same dentist who puts gold star stickers in my chart to highlight my GOOD oral hygiene. His behavior was over-the-top and frankly, rude. He later called it a matter of pride and asked if we could put this all behind us. He asked me to go to his endodontist for an evaluation even though the endodontist isn't in my insurance plan. Maybe money grows on trees in his world, but... Not in my world. This is the last time I will be dealing with Dr. Harris. On top of this, I have always had to wait at least 30 minutes (as long as 50 minutes) after my appointment time to get into a chair, and then usually waited after that point. He even admits that once he falls behind, he can’t catch up. Maybe they should lighten his schedule a bit. My time is valuable as well. My experience may not be the same as everyone else, but my advice would be to look elsewhere for a dentist. The experience made me feel like I was dealing with a bad car mechanic - except the pain isn't only in my wallet. more
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