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Decolonizing done easy 9/21/2006

Have feral cats? Want to get a handle on the colony? Feral Cat Adoption & Placement, Inc. (FCAP) is a non-profit all volunteer organization that provides an avenue for the sterilization, adoption and placement of feral cats and feral kittens. This WONDERFUL organization holds a free Spay Day once a month for feral cats and feral kittens. FCAP respects the sanctity of life of feral cats. By implementing a trap- neuter- return program the feral cats are able to return to their outside homes under the watchful care of compassionate caregivers thereby improving their quality of life and reducing the feral cat population. Feral Cat Assistance Program(FCAP) is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization that provides an avenue for the sterilization, adoption and placement of feral cats and kittens, and colony care in this community. Many people do not spay or neuter their cats and too often the results are kittens that are unwanted and left to fend for themselves. These kittens and their offspring form the feral colonies that can be found in communities all over the country. Did you know that 1 female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years? As you can see, spaying and neutering is essential in keeping the cat population under control, therefore, limiting the number of kittens and cats that die from disease and starvation. FCAP was created to help people who are trying to relieve the suffering that many of these unfortunate and unwanted feral cats and kittens face. The mortality rate for kittens can be very high as they succumb to parasites, lack of proper food, exposure and cruelty at the hands of people. FCAP helps by providing free spay and neuter services, as well as vaccinations. The organization also provides assistance to individuals who want to place rescued and socialized kittens and cats into loving, permanent homes by sponsoring adoption fairs, promoting the animals on the internet, and showcasing animals at local pet supply stores. Cats that cannot be re-socialized remain in the colony with daily care provided by their caregiver. Through the dedicated work of Feral Cat Assistance Program, the plight of feral cats continues to improve. FCAP SPAY DAY INFORMATION WHAT IS AN FCAP SPAY DAY FCAP holds a free Spay Day once a month on a Sunday for feral cats and feral kittens. FCAP does not sterilize personal pets or friendly strays that the caller is keeping as a personal pet. FCAP does not sterilize stray cats that are being place for adoption through animal welfare agencies. FCAP does not have paid employees to trap or transport feral cats to or from the Spay Day for you. At the FCAP Spay Day, all feral cats/ kittens (12- weeks of age or older) are sterilized, vaccinated for rabies and distemper and receive a left ear notch to indicate participation in the program. The cats also receive additional injections such as ivermectin for internal parasites and penicillin to prevent post-operative infection. WHAT CATS AND KITTENS ARE ELLIGBLE FOR FREE SERVICES Only feral cats and feral kittens are eligible for services. Feral kittens must be 12- weeks of age or older as the state of North Carolina will not recognize a valid rabies vaccine if the kitten is under 12- weeks of age. If you are seeking sterilization for a social cat or kitten, please call the Piedmont Communities Spay/ Neuter & Wellness Clinic or the SPCA of The Triad for low cost services. You must be able to re- release the cats back where you are trapping them and the caregiver(s) and land owner(s) must be able to sign a caregiver contract assuming the long term care of the cats. HOW DO I SCHEDULE A CAT OR KITTEN FOR THE SPAY DAY Any one that wants to use the Spay Day Clinic must call the FCAP voice-line at 336-378-0878 and leave a message on line one. You must call every time you want to use the Spay Day Clinic. FCAP does not have a waiting list and does not automatically put you on the list from one month to the next. All FCAP volunteers must follow this procedure. You will receive a call back to discuss your situation and the number of cats that can be sterilized and the date of the Spay Day. HOW DO I CATCH THE CATS AND KITTENS TO BE STERILIZED FCAP requires that all cats and kittens arrive in humane traps. FCAP has humane traps you may borrow with a deposit of $50.00 per trap. FCAP returns your deposit once the traps are returned. You must be able to come to Trap Pick-Up Night to pick-up your trap(s) and fill out your paperwork. The date will be indicated when you are contacted to confirm your participation at the Spay Day. FCAP does not permit any feral cats or feral kittens to arrive in cat carriers, kennels or make-shift cages. HOW DOES FCAP PROVIDE THIS FREE SERVICE AND HOW MANY CATS CAN BE STERILIZED AT EACH CLINIC Dedicated veterinarians, vet techs, vet assistants and general volunteers donate their time on the Spay Day to help sterilize the feral cats/ kittens. FCAP pays for medical supplies needed to perform surgeries, give vaccines and to rent the facility. The number of feral cats and feral kittens that can be sterilized at a Spay Day is based upon the number of individuals that donate their time, the architectural constraints of the building and the number of people calling to request assistance. Upcoming 2006 Feral Cat Spay Day Dates October - Sunday 10/8/06 November - Sunday 11/5/06 December - Sunday 12/3/06 more
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