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TERRIBLE Customer Service! - Review by Sara W | Dominick's Finer Foods Inc

Dominick's Finer Foods Inc

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TERRIBLE Customer Service! 2/12/2007

While Dominick's has a good selection such as their wide variety of beer in the walk-in cooler, their customer service is definitely lacking. At least at this particular location, I have time and time again received very bad service. I am not alone since my family members shop here as well. My last visit was just before Christmas. It is the closest store to my family's house which is why I/we have often gone there, despite past disappointments. We were picking up a few things for dinner as well as some wine and beer for our Christmas gathering. We even found a couple deals on items we needed, which is unusual for Dominick's whose prices often verge on the ridiculous. So, we were happy and ready to be on our way... We got to the register and we were each paying for our items separately, but were in the same line. I was last and when it was time for the cashier to ring up my alcohol purchase, she was suddenly not the cheery lady who had just been talking to my little nephew. She said she needed two i.d.s and I honestly thought she was joking. But she wasn't. She wanted one from my sister who was already done being checked out. I can assure you she IS an adult. I explained to the checker that not only were we making seperate purchases, but that my sister's purse had been stolen so she did not have her license, but she had a ticket from a police officer who told her she could use it as identification. This was all very embarrassing because it was taking forever and therefore holding up the very long line behind me, making people angry... A manager was called over and had to hear the entire situation spelled out once again. I mentioned that "We could just go to Jewel instead, you know." Smile. I have dealt with the public and customer affairs since I started working at the age of 16. I knew this could have been handled much better... I know there are laws pertaining to the sale of liquor, but this became insane and exhausting. The manager finally said the ticket was sufficient. I thought we were done, but while the checker finished ringing me up, she had to throw in very rudely, "BUT next time!..." Userping what her manager had just said! That was IT! I said, "Never mind. I'm not buying any of this. We're taking our money to Jewel." Ugh! Keep in mind, this is just ONE instance of poor service I have encountered at this store. So I always end up at Jewel, if not another grocery store in Naperville. I don't care if the other places are a longer drive or have a smaller selection. I refuse to give money to a business who obviously does not care about their customers. I do not appreciate their employees treating us as if THEY are doing us a huge favor by LETTING us shop in their store. I have choices and I DO NOT choose Dominick's! more
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