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Watch OUT!!!!!! - Review by Do R | Kay Brousch Child Care

Kay Brousch Child Care

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Watch OUT!!!!!! 1/8/2008

I am formally coming foward to publically and adamantly deni allegations brought by Kay Brousch owner and operator of this child care business. Here is exactly what happened. Mrs Brousch was being paid 75.00 a week to simply allow my 10 year old and my 6 year old at her home 4 mornings a week for a total of 40 minutes and in the afternoons she was to bring them home along with my 16 year old a 12 mile one way trip to Lynchburg 3 afternoons a week. total of less than 4.5 hours a week for 75.00. Monday December 3rd, My children came running out to me and my husband telling us that Kay is demanding new snow tires be placed on her minivan or she is not going to bring them home anymore per agreed. Of course I called her to find out what this was about. She instantly started yelling at me, I was on the phone eith her for 10 minutes and got to say a total of maybe 6 words. So I handed the phone off to my hubby. He had the same interaction with her. She wqas yelling and he could not get a word in edge wise. Whe he simply did tell her that we pay you 75.00 a week for the service you provide. Its what you asked us to pay we will NOT buy you 800.00 in snow tires. She then told us then just dont bring your kids back then. I personally feel there is something really weird about the snow tire issue when she had them 4.5 hours a week and was paid well for her time. What she does with that money or in her business is at her decision. A month later I get a letter in the mail from an attorney on Kay Brousch behalf claiming that I have called D&J's Hairport and Headliners Salon in blanchester and claimed things about Kay's son. WELL I AM PUBLICALLY DENING THIS. I HAVE EVEN GOT A LETTER FROM MY PHONE COMPANY TO PROVE THEY ARE LYING.I HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HER SON. I WILL HOWEVER ADMIT TO TELLING EVERYONE I SEE AND WILL EVER SEE ABOUT HOW SHE ASKED AND THREATENED MY CHILDREN FOR SNOW TIRES INSTEAD OF BEING AN ADULT AND CALLING ME OR MY HUSBAND IF SHE HAD ANY CONCERNS. I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE HOW SHE BLACKMAILED US FOR TIRES JUST CAUSE MY HUSBAND WORKS FOR A TIRE COMPANY. I will tell the truth about what she did to my children. Because of her quiting over snow tires at 8:30 pm on a monday night I was unable to find anyone else on such a short notice to fill the position and my children are devastated beyond belief. The truth is not slander. So I want to make myself perfectly clear... I AT NO TIME EVER CALLED D & Js HAIR SALON OR HEADLINERS SPEAKING TO JANET RINEAIR OR DORIS IRETON. THEY WILL BE SUED FOR THERE ACCUATIONS AGAINST ME SOMEONE THEY COULD NOT EVEN POINT OUT OF A LINE UP BUT SUPPOSADLY KNOW MY VOICE BEYOND ANY OTHER FROM A BLOCED CALL. WELL WE ALL KNOW THAT HEAR SAY IS PRETTY MUCH MADE UP LIES AS RETALIATION AGAINST ME FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT KAY BROUSCH. sHE COST MY DAUGHTER A CHANCE AT A SCHOLORSHIP AND SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED. IF SHE DOESNT WANT PEOPLE TELLING HOW SHE DID THEM SHE SHOULDNT DO THEM THAT WAY. I AGAIN PUBICALLY DENI THE ALLIGATIONS SAID ABOUT ME BY KAY BROUSCH. I guess my point is before you send threatening letters you better have some evidence, cause I do have the evidence from Verizon and I will prove these people from the hair salons have never laid eyes on me much less can speak as to my voice. What you do upon others shall come back on you...just remember the truth always prevailes and I plan on making sure it does! more
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