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Greyhound Sucks 8/25/2006

I had to travel Greyhound while 8 months pregnant and I had only my 2-year old daughter with me. It was from Daytona Beach to Tulsa. I was scared to death, especially when we had a layover in Atlanta for 4 hours. Being the ONLY caucasion in the terminal out of about 150 other people made me feel weird to put it mildly. And while somewhere in Georgia, (before we reached Atlanta), our bus was pulled over by the police who then proceeded to let drug dogs on board and then the police let the dogs sniff our luggage. I had a terrible toothache at the time and all I could think about was, "come on. come on." After boarding the bus, (which was completely packed), at around 3am and heading to Memphis I got into a fight with a woman who wanted to take my daughter's seat and who was thrown off. We then reached Memphis at daybreak. I tried to call my family to make sure I had a ride and could not get in touch with anyone. Then we got on the bus again and had a different driver who wanted everyone to be silent, no talking at all. He stopped the bus in the middle of the highway and threw his hat down. Then he proceeded to walk down the steps yelling about how he was going home and everyone could do something or other. A few minutes later he came back to the bus, picked up his hat, dusted it off and started driving again. We showed up in Tulsa an hour and a half late. It was a cold, February night and drizzling. I was so happy to see my mom I cried. To pay $250+ on a trip that went like that is as crazy as the driver was. My brother travelled by Greyhound as well and they lost all of his luggage. Never again will I travel by Greyhound. more
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