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Olympus Day Spa nourishes Inside and Out 10/6/2006

I've been one of those people hoping that no one else "discovers" Olympus Day Spa just so that it won't get hard to get an appointment. But after reading a recent review of Spa Del Lago (with which I completely agree,) I feel the need to let you all in on the amazing power of the Olympus Day Spa. Olympus is a true Korean Bath for women only. When Igo, I make a day of it. It is a place that is relaxing and nourishing for both body and soul. Immediately upon arriving, you go to the locker room and change into a simply cotton robe and funny pink shower cap. There is no clothing, of any sort, allowed, and all the rooms are communal in nature. Even if you think you are shy, you will almost immediately relax in the presence and power of such loving female energy. It is the safest place I know of - emotionally and physically. The bath portion has about 5 tubs of varying temperatures (ranging from too hot for me all the way to too cold for me) in a large tile room that also has showers and waterfall. You relax in the tubs as women of all shapes and sizes, ages and types all relax together - hopefully very quietly. There are also a collection of "element" rooms - mud, wood, jade, salt - that are dry saunas and range in temperature from kinda hot to really really hot. These are beautiful rooms, dark and secluded - incredibly relaxing. So, you can spend a day just relaxing in the spas and saunas, and that - in and of itself - is a real getaway. But the real treat is getting a traditional Korean scrub. Once you have soaked int eh hot tubs for a minimum of 30 minutes - so that yous skin is basically falling off anyway - you are taken to a semi-private table where a lovely woman will scrub you - fairly intensely - for 50 minutes. When she's done, you will have baby skin. I'm not kidding. It can be pretty harsh, but they'll do it harder or softer depending on how you like it.... AS they scrub and scrub, they periodically run warm water over your body to clean you off.... and that splash of water is just heaven. They leave you so clean and fresh that you almost don't want to go into the real world again - except that it's so fun to have people rub your soft skin! The intensity and length of the scrub also gives a great massage.... I am jell-o afterword. After that, you can get a traditional moisturizing, with honey, olive oil and warm milk..... truly sensational, though I usually just opt for the scrub so that it costs less and I can justify going more often. if you get the moisturizing, however, you can't get in the pools anymore, so be sure you schedule time such that you get enough soaking and relaxing beforehand. They also have a variety of traditional spa services - massages, wraps, manicures etc... - all of which are wonderful. And a Korean restaurant that has the best Korean food I've ever had in Seattle.... All of which is why I make a day of it. The greatest beauty in it, however, is how safe and quiet and nurturing it is. I can assure you that you are not as shy and modest as you think you are. And if you let yourself, you can feel the nourishing inside your soul, as well as outside your body. There is no Western spa snooty-ness here. Just pure compassion and nurturing and soul healing. It's heaven on earth..... And as a topper, you can spent the whole day there and get a magnificent scrub for about $85. Lunch at the restaurant will run you about $9.... and then there's tips. But it's still less than a 1 hour massage costs at most places, and is fulfilling on so many levels. They have 2 locations, which you can check out on their site, at this The Tacoma one is smaller, and totally not fancy, kind of run down in some ways, but so sweet and genuine that I still love it. The Lynwood location is really new and fancy and super nice. Services all cost a little more there, to pay for the new facility I guess, but I think it's worth it. They are both wonderful, just go to whichever one is closer to you. more
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