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Thirteen Years To Fitness At Gold's Gym - Review by Audrey H | Gold's Gym

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Thirteen Years To Fitness At Gold's Gym 9/15/2006

I am a work-out mama, not from desire to compete in body-building contests but because I have had injuries in the past which require maintaining strong muscles in several areas of my body. To do this I have a membership at Gold’s Gym. I have previously written a review of this gym , but there is so much more to tell about how I make use of this facility. I do have a limited membership which allows me to work out Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and this is a good arrangement for me. You should never work the same muscle groups two days in a row. I started gym work-outs 13 years ago at the advice and help of a trainer with the University of Iowa Athletic Department, to regain the strength in my right ankle after I had suffered a severed Achilles Tendon. This gave me the knowledge of the types of strength training necessary to maintain good muscle health. Over these past 13 years I have also had a torn knee cartilage and a torn rotator cuff as well as a pinched nerve in my neck from overlapping vertebra. When I started at Gold’s Gym I consulted a trainer there to learn which machines they have that would best suit my needs. It is important to remember that you need to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. With this advice I have been able to strengthen and maintain my muscle health as well as stay in a generally fit condition. I read several fitness magazines, usually at the gym. They are “Shape”, “Self”, and “Prevention”. One of the best websites I have found on trimming the Abs is this one: “The Best Abs You’ve Never Heard Of” I learned some things I hadn’t known about the abdominal muscles. Links shown below. I usually start my workout with a warm up on the treadmill in the ladies work out room About 15 minutes at 3.75 to 4.0 MPH. I use a Precor Treadmill. When finished with this I do circuit training on Paramount brand machines in the ladies room using these machines. Vertical butterfly, Front and back shoulders (Deltoids) Leg Curl machine, back of thighs and butt (Gluteus Maximus amd Biceps Femoris) Lower Back machine ,lower back (Latimus Dorsi) Abdominal machine ,Abs or stomach abdominal muscles (Abductors) and side muscles (Obliques) Free weights, for front upper arm (Biceps), Back upper arm, (Triceps), Neck to shoulder muscle (Trapezius) I finish in the ladies room with hand weights for strengthening my biceps (upper front arm), triceps (Upper back arm) and trapezius, (Neck and upper back.) At that time I go out to the main floor as I like some of the Life Fitness equipment there for some of my exercises. I use these machines: Leg Extension machine, Front upper thigh (Quadriceps) Leg Press, Upper legs (Quadriceps and Gluteus muscle groups) and lower legs, (Gastrocnemius and Soleus) Lateral Pull down , Shoulder and upper arms (Deltoids, triceps) Seated rowing machine, Upper back (Trapezius) Chest Press, Chest muscles (Pectoralis) or Pecs I vary the order of my workout so that it does not become tedious. I have found weight levels that are comfortable for the various machines and since I’m not interested in body building, I am on a maintenance schedule. I have learned that lower weights and more repetitions builds strength. Proper breathing is also important. You breath in on the return pattern and expel the breath on the exertion pattern. Gold’s Gym has 3 Trainers available. Rates vary according to package, $35.00 for one hour, but less if you get a 5 or 10 sessions package. You must arrange ahead of a visit for a trainer to work with you. I had one free training session at the beginning of my membership and with the knowledge I already had did not need to have one from that time. Group Fitness Sessions are available daily. There is cycling 6 days a week with the time of day varying. The class meets in the basement studio and participants should being a bottle of water and towel. Great cardio work-out. Family cycle is held at 10:45 on Saturday mornings for kids 8 and up with a parent. Body Sculpting classes also available 6 days a week at varying. times. These classes involve using bands, weights and balls to tone your body. Cardio Step, Cardio Mixer, Cardio Sculpt are a series of Cardio classes and are held Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Just what they say they are, great cardio work-outs. Fab Abs , a class to whip those abdominal muscles into shape is held Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Yoga, various degrees of exercises including Pilates,, held Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Walking groups on varying days, 3-5 miles trails, meet at 10:30 in the morning. Sun tanning beds available. Priced by the session or package rates. I have never been interested in this. Massages available upon request and with prior arrangements and this does sound good, but the cost for 30 minutes, $35.00; 60 minutes, $60.00 or 90 minutes, $75.00 is a luxury for me. Babysitting available with advance notice. Hours are M-F 8:45 AM - 12 PM and 5 PM - 8 PM Saturday 9 AM -12 PM Rates vary per number of children. Label items your child brings to gym. If a child cries for more than 15 minutes the parents will be asked to pick them up. Children under 14 not allowed on the gym floor . I don’t need this but it is nice that young couples have this option. Information is always available on a variety of health topics such as diabetes, dermatological conditions., Chiropractic, and Life coaching . The gym also promotes opportunities for those interested in becoming trainers to get into training programs. The gym is only a few years old so all equipment is in good condition. I like the sauna in the winter time, and they have a nice women’s shower room, but I prefer to go home and shower. This is not my only means of staying in shape. I wanted some means of exercise that I could use at home. I knew as time went on I might not be able to do impact type exercise and would still need to maintain body strength and cardio health so 10 years ago I purchased a Fitness Flyer through a Guthy-Renker infomercial on TV. For a mere $250.00 I got a superb machine with monitoring equipment. This machine is so well built that I am sure it will last me many more years and I know I will rely on it more as time goes by and I can’t get out as much. You can set your own pace and type of workout on it. See it here . When I am being good, I use it about 4 times a week for 20 minute workouts. Unfortunately this machine is no longer on the market. I also love to walk. Over the past few years I have acquired a taste for climate control for my walking so I go to the mall. I have a good friend that walks with me and our usual schedule is 3 miles on 3-4 days a week. When the mall opened Mercy Hospital had a kiosk in the mall and had mapped out a one mile route. My friend and I do 3 rounds on this route each time we walk and it usually takes us about 50-55 minutes depending on the crowd in the mall. We like walking after stores open because the atmosphere is more vibrant and we like to people watch. The added bonus is that we can stop for coffee or iced tea at Panera’s. This is probably a good place to mention that you always need to eat a healthy diet when you are trying to trim up and lose weight. There again consult with your doctor to determine the weight loss schedule best for you .I’m not saying that what I do is the perfect method of shaping up, but I do know if I didn’t do it I would not only be looking, but acting like a much older person. I will keep up this lifestyle as long as I am able to and I encourage others to find their fitness plan and go out there and do it. Links to other reviews and Websites. Gold Gym Review: “Shape” “Self” “Prevention”,,s1-21-0-0-0-0,00.html One of the best websites I have found on trimming the Abs is this one: “The Best Abs You’ve Never Heard Of” Precor Treadmill Paramount Fitness Equipment Life Fitness Exercise Equipment.. Guthy-Renker Fitness Flyer . No Longer Available Coralridge Mall Panera’s more
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