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Consumer Beware - Review by Toyia U | Goldberg Jones - Divorce For Men

Goldberg Jones - Divorce For Men

Consumer Beware 1/15/2012

Think twice before hiring this firm. They quoted me approx $1700 for uncontested parenting plan for my son. Cost us $4000! When I complained to the intake attorney, his response was that my son's plan was not an uncontested plan. I'm not sure what his definition is. My son filled out the form, his ex-girlfriend signed the plan. The attorney figured the child support. The experience started with them sending us another man's contract with all of his personal info then a contract for a divorce. Then the female attorney assigned to my son's case lost info that he had already given her and charged $62.50 for the email back and forth to get info she had. There was probably 4 or 5 exchanges with around 2 to 3 short sentences (about 2 min to read). My son even commented to her that it he didn't mean to be rude but that he was aggrevated because he knew he was being charged for the exchange. When we thought it was over, she forgot that he had to take a parenting class. My son did that. Next, he took half a day off to compete and file the plan , and was almost to the courthouse when she called and said that she forgot that the county he lived in required a background check. So he lost worktime for nothing. She graciously didn't charge him for that. For emails that in total took approx 20 to read (really less), he was charged for hours. She charged 2 hours at courthouse when my son says that she was late and unprepared. He said that they were finished in 1 hour. BTW, this firm charges $200 an hr. When I concluded sending my grievances, the attorney looking at my complaint asked why I did contest the charges earlier. I did! I called at least twice and spoke with office staff and left a message with the female attorney. I could go on about the unnecessary and questionable charges but won't. After I did some research on the computer, I found that you can do a simple parenting plan a lot cheaper than what we paid. The attorney was mediocre at best. The plan took an extra month and a couple thousand dollars more than necessary. more