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Dude, where's my chimichanga! - Review by Patty E | Rudy's Tacos

Rudy's Tacos

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Dude, where's my chimichanga! 9/24/2006

2 friends and myself went to Rudys' Taco in Davenport, Illinois at 150 AM on 9/24/06. From the outside, the restaurant looked pretty good. Their menu is written on small chalk boards. I thought the menu was not very well organized and not clear. From what I could tell they only had 2 platters/combos. They sell hamburgers, fries, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, rice, beans, fajitas, taco salad, quesidillas, and maybe a few more items that I am unable to remember. There beverages that I remember were pop/soda or beer. There was noone in front of us when we got there. We waited at least 15 minutes for someone to take our order. I know we were seen by at least 3 employees. Eventually a young man took our order. He would write down our order on a piece of paper/tablet. We told him they were 2 separate orders, my friends on one and I on the other. We had to repeat what we were ordering several times. He rung us all up on one ticket, and when I told him we said separate tickets he looked at me dumbfounded and was like 'But, well....'. We paid on one ticket. 'John' ordered ONE beer, Budweiser. 'Jane' ordered a medium Mr. Pib. I ordered small Coke. The guy goes and grabs to Bud Lights (NOT what 'John' ordered). He gives one to 'Jane' and she stops him and corrects him. He then puts the other beer under the counter. Next he brings us to pops, he gives the Coke to 'Jane' and Mr. Pib to me. Also, both pops were SMALL (again not what 'Jane' ordered). We sit down, the cushions are torn and have a large hole. The waitress brings us our food. 'Jane' ordered one of the 2 platters which came with a taco and some other food. She said hers was good for the most part. 'John' and I ordered chimichangas (which come with lettuce, tomato, sour cream). 'Jane' and I ordered refried beans with cheese on it. The beans were HORRIBLY gross! I am pretty sure we were eating beans that had been prepared several hours earlier, microwaved several times, and so mashed & runny it was almost a soup. The lettuce and tomato for the chimi's were fresh and good. However the chimichanga's were the worst I have ever had and probably ever will. The inside was only a ton of beef, so ground up it was smaller than loose meat sandwich (maid-rite) size. The beef had no taste or flavor at all. The chimi's were not crispy as they should be. 'John's' looked like it had NOT been fried. Mine looked like just the tip of the ends were fried. The rest was very soggy, and not from the lettuce either as the lettuce was not wet or dripping in water. Another problem, remember we ordered our food at about 145 AM. The waitress came to our table at about 155 AM and told 'John' he had 5 minutes to drink the beer because at 2 am she had to remove it from the table no matter how much he had drank. I find that extremely wrong to sell it at 145 AM without telling the patron that you only have 15 minutes to drink it. Overall the experience was HORRIBLE! Being that Rudy's is not a new business, I assume that their service is not always like this. I hope others' out there have gotten ALOT better service and food. I personally will NEVER go back to this Rudy's. more
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