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It's the only place...and that's a good thing! - Review by Sean S | Mr Movies

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It's the only place...and that's a good thing! 4/11/2006

Mr. Movie in Beach Haven is the ONLY place to go to get a movie on the South end of Long Beach Island...and that's nothing to complain about! I'd say it was the only choice on all of LBI, but the owners of this store have another location at the circle in Ship Bottom, which is almost as good. Yeah, we all love NetFlix's selection and the convenience of OnDemand...and the fact that you can own whatever DVD you want in a day by ordering from Amazon...but there's something about actually leaving your house, apartment or hotel room and walking around and being surrounded by movies. Of course, you can see images and icons of the movie box's cover art on NetFlix and Amazon and you can watch trailers and read the synopsis of films before ordering from OnDemand... but to actually hold the box, to search through the categories of Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Foreign, Music and Documentaries...and see things that you wouldn't have seen with OnDemand because it's not new or on a pre-determined playlist, that you wouldn't have seen on NetFlix or Amazon in less you were specifically looking for it because it's not a top pick, best seller or a featured selection. And if you enjoy things like feature selections for helpful suggestions while searching for a rental, this store has several areas for you: There is an Oscar wall (a section devoted to films that have won the Academy Award for Best Picture); two A.F.I. sections (The American Film Institute's picks for Funniest movies are in a separate area inside the Comedy section of the store and there is the same in the Horror section for the Institute's Scariest movies); there is a "Classics" rack (which showcases movies made prior to 1970 (that aren't Best Picture winners) and contains many fine films which may have been overlooked initially, like the original "Ocean's 11" or require several repeat viewings like "Citizen Kane"); there is a "Featured Artist Of The Month" section (this monthly spotlight focuses on a different artist who's contribution to the art of film, whether it be in acting, directing, writing or any combination thereof has notable positive significance); and (my favorite...and what sets it apart from the sister store in Ship Bottom) there is an "Employee Picks" section (which is filled with interesting, obscure and thought-provoking films, as well as light-heart fare such as laugh-out-loud comedies) which match the employee's personalities to a tee. Which, on top of all of this, is the other great thing about Mr. Movie: It is a Mom & Pop business. It's a privately owned and operated store, run by management and kept alive by employees who all seem to really care about movies. Not only what their customers watch and want to watch, but what they themselves really love. It is a pleasure to walk into a store for a specific item and have the people behind the counter love that item as much as or more than their customers, as opposed to a big business corporation who only cares about a sale. They can be an out-spoken and opinionated bunch to be sure, but they’re also (mostly) pleasant and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the movies...and they're never too shy to offer a review...even if it means "losing" a rental because they've change the customer's mind...they know that with their honesty, confidence and expertise that customer will rent something else based on a nothing, in fact, gets lost...and most customers remain loyal to that honesty. I know I do. And even if brutal honesty isn’t your bag, at least admit that it’s refreshing to ask an opinion from a video store clerk who’s seen the picture you’re inquiring about or at the very least has heard of it. How many times have you asked for a movie in Blockbuster, after driving all the way over to Manahawkin for a movie, only to have a couldn’t-care-less-about-movies clerk scrunch their face, shake their head, shrug their shoulders or get annoyed while looking a title up in the computer? The clerks at Mr. Movie, on the other hand, are people who really love movies. I do agree with the other reviewer in regards to the store's rental policy. All new releases are due back the following day...that is harsh, especially if you're on vacation or have kids...but if you rent a movie for the day that you're going to watch it, there's no problem. And if you rent ANY movie that is NOT a new release, you get two days...and in all honesty, if you can't watch a 2 hour movie in 48 hours, quit one of your three jobs. Plus, contrary to other reviewer, the prices are very reasonable for a summer resort town where EVERYTHING is expensive (they range from $3.50 to $4/night for a new release and $1.99 to $2.50/2nights for an older movie, with kids movies costing $1 to $1.50/2 nights.) At any rate, the employees and the layout of the place make the rental policy and prices not only tolerable, but barely noticeable. Aside from the various sections already mentioned, there is also a very large area in the back of the store which houses Children's and Family category films, including most Disney films ever issued on VHS and/or DVD. There are also decent sized sections for Playstation and Playstation2 games. Unfortunately there are no PSP or Xbox games available, but this is a video rental store, not a game store. And in the opposite corner (and on the opposite spectrum of movies) there is also an extensive collection of Mature and Adult titles for rent. Mr. Movie offers video rentals and games for everyone: Kids of all ages, the average movie watcher and the avid filmgoer, as well as the most discriminating critic. It's clearly the only choice. more
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