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For Cell Service 11/7/2006

We actually Have 3 cell phones- oye. But the main one is a Motorola Razr with T-Mobile Wireless. We pay $35/month for 300 minutes + free weekends. This works out well for us as we don't use our cell overly much, just quick calls to each other to and from work or when we are all out and need to touch base. It's also great for those on the road emergencies. You can check out their current offers for both new and current customers on their website: . My oninion of T-mobile is a mixed bag. Service has been good but there are places in our house that will not get reception at all. Their rate plan is reasonable and is one of the few carriers that still offer a plan under $40/month. Their phones are good too, and upgrades a nice incentive. One thing that miffed me was that we had wanted to get a new cell phone after 2 years with T-mobile using the very basic Nokia we got free when we opened an account. All the upgrades that were again free were not very good quality. For NEW clients they were offereing very nice phones including the Razr for absolutely free but for current members the pickins' were slim. If we wanted the Razr they would charge us $50. Way to go for encouraging customer loyalty! So I called customer service with the little gripe-lol. I was transfered to customer retention. The person I spoke too was pleasant but not very helpful. I explained to her that I could just sign up with a new account with another carrier like Sprint and get a Razr [or equivilent] Free with free activation, $29.99 plan, a 1 year contract and keep my phone number. I asked her what T-mobile could offer comparable. Obviously not listening well, she objected if I switched I would have to pay a $40 activation fee which is only $10 less than buying my own phone through them, why not stay? I told her it was free activation. She then argued I would have to sign a contract with a new which I responded that T-mobile would ask I sign a contract too in order to get any discount on a new phone. She didn't have much to say really. Just reinterated the prices for their phones and said they would be sorry to see my business go. Now, I'm not totally against paying something for my phone, I was just a little irked they offered much better deals to new customers and didn't care about keeping current customers. In the end, I did stay with T-mobile and just waited out their prices and got the phone I wanted for $30 after rebates. more
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