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SBC Yahoo DSL.. ARG! Not GOOD anymore! - Review by Christie H | Sbc Indiana

Sbc Indiana

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SBC Yahoo DSL.. ARG! Not GOOD anymore! 4/13/2006

I have no idea what has happened with this company after the switch they really went down HILL! We went through 3 wireless modems and a fortune, because of there switch! NO KIDDING! This is what has happened! They switched, and we had Yahoo DSL for about 4 years, BEFORE I would have said GREAT SERVICE, we loved it. Now they did something to screw with our stuff. I don't know how they did it, but we lost the connection and I had to call them to fix it, our lights were still on and everything, (NOW KEEP IN MIND THIS IS THE SAME STUFF we've had since we've gotten SBC YAHOO. SO MODEM they sent us, and wireless router we had for 2 years with out any problems what so ever!) Ok, so we couldn't get a connection and there phone ROBOT said, we'll check your connection and be back in a min, it did, then it came back and I ended up talking to the REP. However, I saw right after they checked it the lights on the router were no longer working, strange I thought. Ok, so the REP talked to me for like 45 mins (She didn't speak good english!) She said well I can't get your router to work, you'll have to connect your modem to the main computer without the router. It didn't work right away either, BIG SURPRISE! So she had to walk me through the instuctions on her computer, telling me to go the network on my computer, and make a FAKE dial up so it would trick it into connecting. It finally worked, but the WIRELESS ROUTER WAS DEAD! So we only had the one computer! Well my husband and I did, because we needed internet for the night since I do my work on here. I couldn't use my wireless laptop! UGH! Ok so then my husband and I were like well we know the router is dead, maybe it's because it was a couple of years old. So the weekend we bought a brand new one at walmart for $39.99. Hooked it up, and it worked great! For only 6 days. Then it's lights went out, out of NO WHERE! IT was like the x files. I was mad, because we knew it worked! I called them up again, again they checked the line and said it was working fine. I talked to another REP, (he couldn't speak English well at all as well!) I explained what the deal was. He as well told me he couldn't get the router to work with it, so I would have to hook the modem back up to the 1 computer and only have one computer! OMG! We kept getting the same error on the computers connection too as well, it said limited or no connection! So again with only one computer and no laptop, we found out that THE NEW YAHOO AT&T sales there OWN wireless modem/router all in one and it costs $79.99 plus $12.95 shipping and handling.. hmm this was all making since! So we ended up having to buy that piece of crap. And it's worked good every since. SO BE WARNED! We heard from someone else they did the same thing to them too! So it can't be just us! more
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